Sofa Fabric Choices For Pet Owners

When your dream home is finished and the only thing left to add is furniture, what options do you have? Your choices become more limited as there are other factors to be considered such as having small children in your home or having aggressive pets.

When you are out to select a sofa fabric for your new home – and you know you have your Chocó Labrador Marley or your Persian cat Lola to fend for – then you have to be extra careful in making your choice. There is much more to consider than just shedding and animal fur.

Dogs and cats have claws that can deliver wear and tear quicker than weather elements. Your pets also have saliva, odor and dirt that can be easily transferred to the sofa fabric. If you have not made a wise choice, then your great looking couch could only look great for a short period of time.

Prior to buying a new sofa or redressing an old one, you have to make your fabric choices all lined up. There is no one material that can perfectly withstand pet-inflicted damages but there are some choices that are unquestionably better than others.

Fabrics that pet owners should prefer include microfibers, distressed leather, Crypton and Ultrasuede. External choices like outfitting your couch with slipcovers can also be considered. The latter choice is not as effective but it still offers a layer of protection which can help preserve the life of your couch.

Pet-Friendly Ambience

Owning a dog, cat or rabbit certainly brings happiness in a home. But every home has its set of furniture and so it is crucial to protect and adjust the materials that are going to be used.

Back in the day when fabric options were few, pet owners were told to choose textured or patterned materials. Colors that were favored then were muddy hues and other dark colors so that hair and dirt were easily hidden. These days, however, both natural and man-made materials are now available. These fabrics do not just offer pet-proofing but also the best appearance for all your visitors to see.

Here are some of the fabric options that you can look into –

Fur Can Be Easily Removed

  • Leather
  • Distressed leather
  • Synthetic fibers such as Ultrasuede and microfibers
  • Crypton

Dirt Is Easily Wiped Off

  • Leather
  • Distressed leather
  • Synthetic fibers
  • Crypton 

Claws Can Be Withdrawn From

  • Microfibers


  • Leather
  • Distressed leather
  • Crypton

Patterns Hide Blemishes

  • Distressed leather 

Tightly Woven So It Prevents Damage

  • Synthetic fibers
  • Crypton

Individually, it’s now time to take a look at the pros and cons of each fabric – 

Leather Can Stand Up to Challenges

It is not true that leather is solely for bachelor pads and other pristine spaces. Leather can also be used by homes with small children and pets. It comes with many advantages because it can be easily wiped clean, hence, it requires very low maintenance. Leather can also effectively resist odors while scratches made by your cat may even be seen as an added design to its natural patina.

Synthetic Fibers – Versatility to the Max

Synthetic or man made fibers offer durability, a wider color palette, and low maintenance. And since the materials are synthetic, it is easy to clean up any fur that has accumulated. Dirt and stains can also be easily removed – just use warm, soapy water.

Compared to natural fibers such as tweed, cotton or chenille; synthetic fibers are tightly woven so your cat’s paws will never get stuck in your sofa.


This kind of fabric is durable and rugged so it is can easily resist odors and stains. If you want a couch that won’t be the breeding ground of bacteria or molds, then this should be your primary choice.

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