Fine Furniture Design Bedroom Guesthouse Woven Twin Bed 1220-434 is small and perfect for a tiny home.

Have you seen the TV show Tiny House Nation? Isn’t it just exciting to see people switching their bigger homes for the smaller, easier to maintain types?  Examples of small homes include studio apartments, condominium units, townhouses, and other such structures that have a limited amount of space.

No one can blame the families who make this switch to tiny house living. There are many known advantages to owning a smaller place. First, it is more energy-efficient. Sure living in a non-behemoth home also has its challenges but just looking at your savings on energy would make you think that you’re making the right choice.

And since you’re living in a home that’s energy-efficient, you are ascertained that you present a lower ecological footprint.

As mentioned, you also don’t have to think much about the maintenance of a smaller home. This means more time to spend on your family and on your job and less on sweeping and mopping.

A smaller home is also more intimate. It is cozier compared to gargantuan rooms. So if you’re looking for a more intimate place for your family, then consider living in a smaller space. As you do this, you will soon see that you are having a reduced monthly expense.

Furnish Your Small Home

Living in a smaller space actually means learning to make the most of the space that is given to you. This means calculating all the space that you can use on those small walls, ceiling, and floor.

Text Box: The Biltmore Floor Mirror may be simple but it opens up space in a way that no other decorative element can.
The Biltmore Floor Mirror may be simple but it opens up space in a way that no other decorative element can.

You need to plan your decorating moves especially when you have a landlord that dictates some (or a handful) of rules. Begin with the entryway where you can make a lasting first impression. Add pizzazz in that area. Use stencils to make the walls more interesting if not colorful. A bookcase complete with hooks for hanging coats will also make the place more functional.

For photographs, you can make use of every wall space as your gallery. Think of all the decorative objects such as artworks and your other mementos that you can now display.

Another thing that’s important in decorating a small home is to embrace open storage. Use a metal shelf as your kitchen storage especially since most apartments have a less than generous storage option. The cool finish of this kitchen unit will also give your kitchen the look of a pro.

Accessorize with some woven baskets where you can store other ingredients and condiments.

If you happen to move into an apartment that has a not-so-pretty carpeting, then you can solve this by adding a small area rug to cover the booboo. Just make sure that the area rug complements the rest of your decorative elements.

While vintage apartments pack a lot of styles, it is a fact that decorating them can be challenging. Rather than curse the world for having things that you don’t like, then find some solutions. If the bathroom tiles, for instance, are showing a color that you abhor, then find decorative elements that will make the tile color recede.

A pop of green, orange or red will surely drown the boring beige tiles.

Another must-do inside a small home is to install mirrors. This is an age-old decorating trick that brings wonders. Mirrors help reflect light, thus, making your home appear bigger. Just hang a huge mirror in the dining space or the living room. This is more effective when you position it right across a large window.

Just like the mirror, glass is a material that you can use to visually expand your cozy home. A cramped dining area can become a dinner party-worthy with the right decorating strategy. All you need to have is a glass top table and some slim chairs. Hang some artwork so that the visitors’ attention will go to the display on the walls. Be sure also to adjust the lighting by using wall sconces hardwired with dimmers. Fill the dining area with ambient lighting in the form of a chandelier.

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