Small Bathrooms – Can They be Chic, Too? (Link Roundup)

A house can be considered modern if it satisfies two criteria – functionality and utmost utilization of space. Maximizing available space is quite important when you are planning your home but this becomes an obstacle in smaller homes. Interior designers are challenged by such concerns and they understand that it takes a lot of creativity to make smaller bathrooms well-designed.

Choosing the Right Shades

It is a must to have bathrooms in the right shades so that they will look larger. Soft shades such as pastel colors are the most preferred colors. Darker shades make spacious bathrooms appear compact.

If you are adamant in using bold or darker colors inside your small bathroom, then just use them as accents; meaning, use towels, soap dispensers, or wall tiles with catchy colors.

Save Up on Space

Do you ever feel that your bathroom always appears cluttered? This can be a perennial problem in many small bathrooms and the solution is to find compact structures and furniture which already come with storage spaces. The medicine cabinet can double as a shelf for shower gels and shampoos.

The reduction of clutter entails proper planning and here is where storage shelves are most useful. Fixtures already come in standard sizes but you do not have to purchase the full-size bathtub or a huge vanity to go into your small bathroom. Instead, find a combination of vanity and sink. This will free up much space in the area.

Lighting and Its Effects

There are various arrangements for lighting in small bathrooms. Aside from using light colors on bathroom walls, it is also important to have the room brightly-lit. This does not just make the room appear more cheerful, it can also increase the feeling of spaciousness.

If you do not wish to add a lot of lighting fixtures, then you can also make use of natural light. Install a single window to let the light in.

What About the Flooring?

Many homeowners do not realize the importance of choosing the right color for their flooring. Light blues, grays and shades of tan can easily blend with light-colored walls. Do not go for intricate patterns on your walls and floor tiles, remember, you are already struggling for space so you have to at least create an illusion of it. The more designs you incorporate on these parts of the bathroom, the more cluttered the room will look.

Find vertical designs for your wall tiles as these can add height to the small room. Put in a border to the wall’s topside so that the visitor’s attention is drawn upwards. This can also create an illusion of space.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors have always been a key aspect in making rooms appear larger. Use large mirrors to add both length and width to the bathroom. Mirrors can help distribute light within the area. Use one mirror on both sides of the wall to add a larger dimension to the small bathroom.

Depending on the layout of your bathroom, consider installing a full-height mirror onto the entire wall. Adding a mirror from floor to ceiling is an effective way of visually expanding the limited space in your bathroom.

Make Use of Those Corners

Corner spaces are often taken for granted. These spaces can actually be used for corner sinks and vanities, even storage units. Moving an existing sink into a different location in the bathroom can be very costly so consider the pros and cons before you finalize the layout of your sink or vanity.

These are all simple yet practical small bathroom design  ideas that you can incorporate into your home. Call an expert to help you map out and accomplish the bathroom project that you would want to finish.

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