Setting Up The Modern Kitchen – Learn The Hottest Features And Techniques

One of the chores that has become mundane to humans is cooking. Now, with technology ever improving, electronic appliances have become more advanced and, with them, the advent of more elaborate functions. The kitchen is now a room of luxury and beauty. Apart from function, people like to invest in energy-saving appliances. Also, setting up the modern kitchen is now also more of being aesthetically aware.

Contemporary kitchen trends quickly change which is why you can find a lot of different designs over the Internet and in many interior design magazines. The color palette for modern kitchens also differ as each room features a different theme.

Wood is a common material in most kitchens as it easily creates a warm environment. When designing, keep in mind that the smallest accessories can make a huge difference. A small flower arrangement, for instance, has the ability to create a more cheerful ambiance. 

Keeping It Modern

Being modern is not necessarily being futuristic. You could notice a thing or two, though, that exemplifies a visionary idea. A few of the chairs and tables in the market, these days, present interesting shapes and sizes. When used within modern interiors, they help balance the theme for the entire home.

Of course, the exact definition of the word modern widely varies. But what do you immediately think about when modern kitchen is mentioned to you? Don’t your thoughts immediately center on those stainless steel appliances? What about those sleek cabinets and the lack or absence of ornaments?

A lot of spaces are modern or contemporary but when technically discussing, these terms should not be interchanged. The term contemporary means current, present or at the moment while modern must be used when referring to any design from the early till the mid-20th Century which eventually broke the traditional styles prior to it. In essence, these were those days before the famous Industrial Revolution.

But with these terms now used interchangeably by modern man, then you can go ahead and use it to describe your present kitchen.

Features of the Modern Kitchen

There are many features that you should not miss when setting up the modern kitchen. First, there’s that slab door style which is a signature element. There are also modern kitchens that come in the Shaker door style but this can fall under the transitional category.

As to the cabinet construction, being modern means they should be frameless or full overlay. This is a style that is sleeker when compared to the flush-inset cabinetry of the traditional kitchens.

Keep in mind that a truly frameless cabinet does not have a face frame at all. Take note that you also will get equal spacing between the drawers, doors and even between the two cabinets. As for the rest of the hardware, you will often see the C-channel hardware that is used on the cabinet. There are also those flat or tubular pulls.

Notice also the lack of ornamentation on all these cabinets and kitchen countertops. This simplicity is what made that thin line between modern and contemporary seemingly non-existent. Both styles are simple yet sleek but modern is a lot less decorative. Contemporary kitchens can sometimes have interesting shapes, patterns and textures – things that are kept at a bare minimum when used in modern kitchens.

Making good use of horizontal lines is also a great style to follow when setting up the modern kitchen. Use wide lines or stacks of drawers. Have these lined up to accentuate the drawer lines. You can also use horizontal grooves apart from the horizontal grains on the cabinet fronts. The kitchen island can also be used to give emphasis to obvious horizontal grid in your kitchen.

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