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Set the Mood! Pantone Color of the Year 2020: Classic Blue

Pantone Color

Pantone Color

Ah, Classic Blue. PANTONE’s Color of the Year for 2020 (specifically, PANTONE 19-4052) is a timeless choice. It’s dynamic but restful-dusky enough to be practically neutral, but vibrant enough to aid in focus and concentration. When it comes to incorporating versatile Classic Blue into your home decor, the sky’s the limit! At once peaceful and playful, this shade melds well with whatever you choose to pair it.

Don’t just take our word for it! Check out a few simple ideas to refresh your home for early spring 2020 with the color of the hour itself: Classic Blue.

Textiles, textiles, textiles!

We’ll say it ’til we’re blue in the face: the quickest, simplest swap-out you can make in your home decor is in the textile department. Start with throw pillows! They’re a great way to incorporate a bolder pattern you may not be ready to use in window treatments or wallpapers.

You can also dip-dye old textiles like a throw or blanket that may be stained or just in need of a new lease on life.

You can’t forget the All-American classic: denim! Worn-in jeans or jackets could be perfect for repurposing into pillows, quilts or even something a little more artsy. If you’re into form and function, hang your trusty denim jacket out in the open on an accessible peg or hook. It’s the perfect season to have light, casual layer on standby anyway! Whatever you do with your denim, there’s plenty of potential for DIY.

Don’t neglect your floors! Switching out your rug instantly lends a new vibe to a room. If you’re really feeling funky, layer up. Varying textures in common hues is just *chef’s kiss* perfection.

Create a feature wall!

Our inner design monologue is never louder than when it’s chanting “Statement wall. STATEMENT WALL. STATEMENT WALL!” So..what are you waiting for? Infuse your study or work space with classic blue to optimize your workflow, or bring it into your bedroom for the peaceful vibes you need to relax and recharge.

If you’re renting (or just the noncommittal type), stick-on wallpaper’s going to be your best friend here. You can mix-and-match to your heart’s content without damaging your walls underneath! If you’ve been wanting to dip your toe into the wild world of patterns, now’s the time. If by chance you don’t love it, peel it off and pretend it never happened. Easy.

Bring it into the bathroom.

The bathroom’s a great place to stretch your interior-design imagination and get a little artsy. Smaller spaces mean you have more leeway for daring wall colors and decorative touches. If you’re daydreaming about a sapphire-hued wall, why not start with the bathroom?

‘Glass’ up the joint!

Nothing livens up a windowsill or empty corner like glass. Textured seaglass creates a relaxed coastal vibe while brilliant, clear cobalt pieces catch the afternoon light perfectly. For a functional touch, use these items to store q-tips, cotton pads or whatever you reach for regularly.

Alternatively, you can add blue seaglass vase filler to existing ceramic or clear glass pieces. Then, complete the display with small houseplants, succulents, candles or LED lights.

Blue in bloom.

Go blue-on-blue with dusky blooms in matching holders. Blue flowers like hydrangea blossoms go nicely with moody eucalyptus and contrasting white sprays.

Translucent bud vases are a delicate touch–or, you can add an air of timelessness into your arrangements by incorporating beautiful porcelain planters with blue toile patterns.

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