Interior design is a form of art – it is the very art of applying your know-how to interior space. With this, you can manipulate spatial volume and apply surface treatments. This is, in essence, a fusion of environmental psychology, product design, architecture design, and furniture design.

The interior designer is a professional who has ample experience in beautifying interiors or simply one whose job description includes designing indoor structures.

The Modern Interior Designer

Just like back in the day, modern interior design is still a creative practice that results in conceptual direction, graphic communication, and design direction. After finalizing the design layout, the designer should be able to enumerate the materials and finishes that he will need. He must also already know the furnishings that will be used such as the furniture, flooring, lighting and wall covering. Sometimes, even the artwork that will be used can be suggested by the designer.

The Responsibilities of a Senior Interior Designer

Now that you know what basic roles an interior designer has, here are the major tasks and responsibilities that senior designers are supposed to take on –

  • Since he is a key member of the team, he will need to manage the project documentations.
  • He is tasked to manage technicians and other designers
  • He is the chief person that will translate the design concepts to reality
  • He does analysis, research and initial design studies
  • He prepares the design presentations
  • He must be knowledgeable in AutoCAD and Microsoft Office (and other such applications)
  • He designs and manages the allotted budget
  • He coordinates as well with consultants outside of the team in order to integrate requirements and meet the project objectives
  • He ensures that the design meets the regulatory requirements
  • He also ensures that the client’s specs and requirements are also met
  • He assists in work programming
  • He reports on the project’s progress
  • He supervises site inspections and surveys
  • He makes sure that office standards are set at the highest level

To meet the above requirements, a senior interior designer must have the following skills and know-how –

  • Brilliant in written and spoken English
  • Proficient in the use of AutoCAD
  • Has good sketching abilities
  • Has at least 8 years of relevant interior design experience
  • Digital graphic presentation know-how which includes Photoshop and SketchUp
  • Competent in the use of Microsoft Office 2010 and up
  • Team management
  • Leadership skills
  • Is self motivated
  • Produces OS&E and FF&E as well as material specs
  • Good timekeeping skills
  • Is highly observant of good work ethic

In combining practical and beautiful design elements, a senior interior designer can transform any space into a more stylish place. You need to have a solid comprehension of patterns, colors and fabrics. You must also understand what materials suit a certain room or design and how each of these materials wear.

A senior interior designer must also be skilled in choosing the right pallet that will set the mood in any home, commercial or industrial space.

At present, the average earnings for a senior interior designer is at $52,970. This job is becoming more popular by the year, with the highest paid executives earning an average of $73,590. This industry is expected to grow at a 19% rate annually. This has been the projection since 2010 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Begin this lucrative career by getting an Associate or Bachelor’s degree. It is also best to get your license since more than half of the states now require a license before you can begin your design practice.

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