Seize the Moment with Your Video Production (Videography Link Roundup)


It is the wish of every video producer – whether a novice or a professional – to have a camera, shoot something relevant, and allow the world to see his work of art. Yet it isn’t always a happy ending for all video producers especially when they overlook or forget a thing that is crucial.

Running around with your camera and shooting everything like you would a reality show isn’t the way to make a polished video presentation, though – and you know that. Here are some guidelines that will make you capture the moment, record important occasions or sell a product or service – 

Jot Down Inspirations

Creative inspiration is something that every video producer must have. Minus the muse, without the stimulating subject, the video would be nothing but a humdrum presentation. Just think of all the unforgettable films of all time – Titanic, Star Wars, Avatar, etc. – what do they have in common? They all have breathtaking shots!

So whether you are asked to record a wedding or a birthday party, or make a brand become the next hot thing, it is all about having an inspiration. If you think that you don’t even know where to begin, then start jotting down ideas or a list of shots that inspire you. This is the practical way to go.

Make a list of your expectations so that you will have a sense of direction and purpose.

Define Your Needs

So now that you have outlined your inspiration(s), it’s time to define what you really need before you even begin to grab your equipment and shoot. While it is easy to remember tape, camera, tripod, battery, and light, there are other basics that you need to remember.

Sure, you need the camera and other equipment but what about backup items, say, extra clothes for your actors, more blank discs, one or more portable hard drives, etc.

There are so many things that may not seem obvious needs at first but once you sit down and begin writing them down, you will realize their importance. 

Know Your Style

Plan how you will present your subject weeks before you start rolling tape. Will it be an interview video? Will it be used for a company’s marketing campaign? If so, will there be role playing or will there be simple testimonials from employees and customers? 

Come Up with an Effective Script

No video production should run without a great script. This can be a basic outline or it can be professionally formatted. This is more than a sheet of paper that will keep the whole production team focused. It is the glue that will determine the success or failure of a production so better do it right the first time.

Bring Your Ideas Together

To get to a satisfying outcome, from the opening credits till the end, you simply have to put all of your ideas together. By now you will have realized the importance of planning and having written down everything.

Try to revisit what you have previously written and apply all your previous plans. Doing so will have a lot to do with your video, audio and lighting quality. Nothing’s greater than a methodical approach, always remember that.

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