Scandinavian Style: Celebrating a Major Winter Interior Design


The winter season is upon us and the latest winter fashion pieces have already been shown. There are some that are subtle and some boldly-styled. But the one thing that unifies these elements is the subtle but definitely not boring style that is Scandinavian.

If you’re thinking of setting up a Scandinavian-inspired home, then you need to focus on a few elements that are associated with this awesome style. You now need to focus on soft furnishings and amazing lighting.

It surprising that Scandinavian style was only recognized in the ‘50s. We all know its beauty and appeal but this minimalist European style only had its claim to fame in that decade.

One might automatically think about the neutral and primary colors that can be used in this minimalist setting but there is a lot more to it that can actually captivate. In fact, in the right hands, it can also show a pop of color or two.

Scandinavian is anything pertaining to the nations of Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. These countries, of course, have their own vast cultural eclecticism to offer.

The Role of Neutrals

The muted and calm tones of gray, blue, white, and cream can be easily found in any Scandinavian home. This is the basic color scheme which has become the trademark of this style. These hues are not unique to Scandinavian nations, of course. The pale blues are also commonly seen in many North American minimalistic styles.

If you imprison yourself within the bounds of muted and neutrals hues, then you are not completely understanding the purpose of Scandinavian style. You can still make a bold statement through graphics and bold colors.

The Whitewashed Floors

Comparing North American homes to European homes should begin in the flooring. Scandinavian interior designers prefer simplicity to poshness, hence, they go for bare floors. North Americans homes often come with carpets. In European homes, you would expect to see a lot of wood from the flooring all the way up to the ceiling.

If the Scandinavian home does not have white wood flooring, then it could come in any light-colored wood such as pine, birch, or even tiles in cool gray tones.

A Flood of Light

What could be more fascinating than the Polar nights? These are dark nights that definitely show the beauty of the stars but these are also the moments when the days are shortened.

With a limited supply of natural light, it becomes important to know how to survive the cold, dark nights. These dark moments could still become magical with the correct set of lights.

Install floor-to-ceiling windows if you can. These should let in natural light during the day. Come night, you can then depend on any lighting fixtures which you have set to beautify your home. Just make sure that they complement the rest of your Scandinavian interiors.

A Window to Nature

The Scandinavians also have a deep passion for nature. They like to do outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, even swimming. They want to take every opportunity to go outdoors and when they are not able to do so, they bring nature indoors. This is their way of overcoming their winter blues.

A Scandinavian home is seen to have numerous house plants, if not, there are furnishings that mimic the beauty of nature, for instance, a painting or two of nature.

Sauna in the Bathroom

Why not? Saunas are very much a part of the Nordic life. These are not your usual saunas in fitness centers. The Scandinavian version is a part of their culture and, therefore, also of their etiquette.

Incorporate this lifestyle into your home by adding a sauna in your master bathroom.

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