Sacramento Furniture Store Financing Deals: Buy Now, Pay Later!


There is a lot of talk going around that furniture financing can ruin one’s credit rating – none can be more untrue than this. To begin with, it can get difficult to search for loan programs when you are merely redesigning your home; and it becomes doubly so when your credit standing is not on the positive side. The great news is, there are now Sacramento furniture store financing options that are being offered. 

Finding the Best Financing Deals

Furniture financing is a no-stress payment program that qualifies you depending on your current job and the duration of your employment. Getting furniture finance is not always equal to a bad credit rating. You can look for companies that can allow you to buy furniture if you already have at least two years of employment to date. This means that you should have been under the same employer for those two years.

If you are a federal government employee, you are also given priority, again, just as long as you have already worked for two, straight years. Such deals are great especially to people who serve in the military.

So keep this in mind – financing deals for furniture are not just for people with credit rating because the qualifier is your job.

One other great way to finance furniture is to find available lenders. Be wary in dealing with online lenders; there have been many instances of people who were scammed. The upside to this is that online lenders often give out loans regardless of your credit rating.

Read the Agreement Form

Make sure to read the fine print (a.k.a. the terms and conditions) when dealing with furniture finance. If you are uncertain, it is best to ask a credit counselor first if you cannot fathom the details that are written on the agreement form. This expert can help you comprehend the finance jargons and can even keep you from signing up on the wrong deals.

What Options Do You Have?

There are also companies that offer to put items on lay away and rent-to-own schemes. Local payday advance agencies can also give out the same loan. Layaway payment scheme means you pay for the furniture on installment without taking home the furniture right away. Common lenders allow you to take home the item while you are doing your monthly installments.

The company that offers financing furniture must promote responsible purchasing. Ask how you can pay as the most common options are through payroll deduction, voluntary direct deposit and salary allotment. The payments must be set at a fixed amount and a defined schedule so that you are not surprised when the deductions are made.

Other ways to save is to buy only during furniture sales.Check Sacramento furniture store websites and look for sales schedules. If your purchase can wait, then you might as well make your purchase during this dates in order to get the most discount. In the process, you save a lot more for an item that could have easily cost you 10% or 20% more during regular days.

Added Perks

There are also furniture companies that offer their customers with many added perks. One such freebie is the added protection ofyour furniture through warranty. If you are interested in obtaining that offer,you can just register for a card and become a member.

Becoming a member entitles you to free furniture service for the entire time that you are paying for the piece. Read the manufacturer’s warranty and see if nationwide delivery is also added for free. At the end of the day, no matter how enticing a financing program is, never apply for anything that you cannot afford; remember to stick to your budget. If not, then you become the reason for a big financial distress later on.

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