Oftentimes, when you are looking for interior design resources, you end up being given tips and guidelines in designing the interiors of a home. But what if you are in need of coffee shop layouts or design ideas? What if you are about to set up a restaurant? Do you think it is enough to offer delicious meals or is it also crucial to set the ambience to a certain mood?

Surprisingly, a lot of restaurant and coffee shop owners pick soft colors in creating a more intimate interior for their business. For them, it is important for their clients to enjoy their meal in a lovely surrounding insomuch that it feels so much like home. More often than not, family and business meals require privacy so what better way is there to realize this than to have a homey ambience? 

A Slight Difference

Coffee shop interiors are a bit different when compared to restaurants. In the former, it is quite easy to enjoy a more laid back atmosphere. Coffee shops encourage you and your friends to lounge about while enjoying a good cup of Joe. Restaurants, on the other hand, are more dedicated to serving meals. To differentiate one from the other, take a very good look at the furniture pieces that are utilized. Restaurants offer more seating and wider tables, at least this is often the case but, of course, it is also possible to find special restaurants that have a more compact interior.

Coziness Optimized

Coffee shops are expected to be cozy and warm – this is the very concept of this place. They should not be too spacious so that the place would look more inviting and would smell of brewing coffee and hot Choco!

Whatever theme you choose for your coffee shop, always remember that your chief goals are to bring in customers and to convert them into loyal consumers. The theme that you use for the coffee shop plays a crucial role on customer perception so always consider the visual aspect of the place.

The Staple Elements

Couches, chairs, tables, display counters, coffee mugs and coffee makers are just some of the basics that you must not overlook. Keep in mind that even your chosen cups and saucers must reflect the overall theme of your coffee shop. The baristas must be within your customers’ line of vision. Do not let the baristas become the only source of entertainment for your customers, though. Try installing a flat screen TV on the serving areas.

Customizing the Layout

Observe your customers – do they come to your coffee shop to socialize, hold business meetings or to study? There are many factors to consider in designing the layout of a coffee shop – the location is first, then foot traffic. For instance, socialization is encouraged where there is an open layout.

Remember also that the speed of service is also critical to your business’ profitability. Choose an ergonomic shop design that will allow you to serve as many customers are you possibly can during peak business hours.

Though the business is open for 12-16 hours every day, the reality is that only 20% of these hours are actually most profitable. Since coffee is considered a morning beverage, the busiest hours are from 6:00 A.M. to 8:30 A.M.

Think of the coffee shop’s layout as a puzzle of sorts. You need to fit the pieces in their right places of you could end up with less than desirable design. If you do not want to go through the trials and errors that most coffee shop owners go through, then hire an interior designer to help you with the project.

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