In Retrospect: Shopping Tips in Finding Retro Furniture Pieces

In every 20 to 30 years, one could expect a comeback in terms of interior design. You could see the flower power theme making its comeback now and then but always at a slightly better look. This is the same with the world of fashion, paint or décor industry.

The retro style brought in an exciting twist to the world of interior design, what with its bright and bold hues. Even present, though, there are subdued versions that are more fun and modern. One can see a sense of individuality in retro interior design as it is a style that confidently picks up from various styles, even eras.

Retro Furniture Pieces

Different elements which come from different colors, shapes, materials, technology and terms can help you form an impression on your own personalized retro style. Remember that the key to unlocking the retro look is to use a traditional style with a modern-day twist.

The chief features of the retro interior design include experimentation with current designs, an eclectic mixture of design elements, a dash of classic elements, and some timeless pieces.

Retro interior design means you will never go out of style. The chief rule is to make use of one or more elements that are about 15 to 20 years old. You should also find some strong features that will be used to define the specific era to which you are trying to travel back to.

Retro style may be a little too much for some people but once they realize that they can experiment with many different designs, they soon give in to something that suits their taste.

Retro Theme Is Ethical

The retro theme also motivates people to love the environment. Here, the principle of reduce, reuse and recycle applies. This design could also pick a few ideas from the past which can fit in today’s homes. You can choose to modify by adding vibrant colors such as hot pink or electric blue. Wallpaper prints are also most welcome.

Retro interior design is also ethical because it uses subtle hints. Geometric and smaller prints that are repeated throughout are used instead of the usual modern, bold hues. You can also modernize your home by adding muted versions of bold hues or pastels.

Mix and match patterns with solids to play down the bold side of retro design.

Retro Theme Pays Homage to Repetition, Patterns and Bold Hues  

Retro style also makes good use of small and repetitive patterns. Muted tones are often used as are neutral hues. Subtlety is key in this thematic approach. There are also some bolder choices for retro interior design.

The room can also be instantly updated with bold colors and patterns. Murals can be installed and bold fabrics used on upholstered furniture.

Retro style also brings together large patterns on paint, murals and wallpapers. If you want the same effect on your furniture, then use bold colored fabrics then coordinate these with the window treatments and rugs.

Retro Theme Loves Circles and Curves

Curved edges as well as circular forms are some of the classic shapes used in retro interior design. The mixture of these contemporary pieces can help harmonize the home. Modern upholstered seats with bold prints can also offer a unique look to your space.

Retro Theme Is Minimalist

If you scour the designs in retro styling, you would see that it tends to lean towards modern minimalism. Since this is so, you can opt for simpler lines and curves. Get rid of huge quantities of furniture so that your eyes can rest only on the important pieces (the focal points).

So, are you ready to enjoy retro style in your own home?

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