Just like many other interior designs, the look that is defined as coastal make use of open space, airy fabrics, sea-inspired hues, and beachy accents. The resort or coastal style was born from the Atlantic coast where houses have ample windows. The breezes there blew in steadily as they also brought in the salty air. All the whites and blues and touches of green look great in this home.

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There is no need to buy a property near the beach just to enjoy living by the seaside. Now, you can set up your home in such a way that you can look back to those summer vacations that you had as a kid.

While beach living is beneficial to your health, you don’t have to go to the ocean side in order to enjoy the airy, open layout that resort living offers.

There are various strands of resort living. You can choose from shabby chic, classic, and the more popular marina look or the coastal interior design.

Coastal Style Fundamentals

Coastal life is always relaxed, comfortable, with zero fuss. Its elements are loosely arranged as well as outfitted in the most casual possible manner. You won’t find fine furnishing or opulent fabrics here. Surface materials and textiles are natural, simple, and durable.

You will also see a lot of sea greens, sky blues, shades of beige, and creamy whites. These colors allow you to recall the beauty of waters and the sandy shores. Beach accents such as sea creatures, shells and corals all effectively lighten up the beach house look.

Casual Furnishing

These pieces are the type where you flop right down. These are those oversized sofas and cushy armchairs. You will also see a lot of coffee tables with distressed look. Woven stools also sit easily inside a coastal home.

It is also common to find upholstered pieces in cotton, linen, denim or duck. All are also covered with beautiful slipcovers.

Painted and Weathered Woods

Coastal style is all about light tonewoods and using paint-renewed interiors or unfinished surfaces. Try the type of woods that look kind of grayish (e.g. ash). Pickling and whitewashing can also give woods a more aged charm.

Sheer Window Treatments

Coastal living is no coastal living at all if your window is all covered with drapes. The windows in all coastal homes are breezy. In there, the flow of air is undeterred and the scenic views are exposed for everyone to enjoy.

Simple panels and sheer curtains are used as are bamboo and wooden blinds. Roman shades also look wonderful in coastal homes.


Coastal living is all about subtle and soft shades yet it can also be about navy blue and white striped interiors. How far you would allow your indulgence is all up to you. The design that you end up choosing should always be fresh, airy and light, though. Lose these elements and you’re no longer looking at a coastal dwelling place.

The neutral starting point has unbiased hues, colors, patterns, motifs, accessories and flooring materials. Color blocks are often seen in blue shades and deep indigo. Accents are gray, pink, red or green to provide contrast.

Other Beachy Ideas

  • Fill your home with sunlight. Open up those windows and let in the daylight.
  • Go laidback even when your home is mainly showing the 1940s Colonial appeal.
  • Imagine a vacation home, create it, and then call it your beach house.
  • Have the marina stripes serve as the prints for your area rug. Imagine how the white, distressed chairs and table would look as they sit on this floor covering.
  • Timber is the safest material to use to contrast the white walls.
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