Repurposing the Garage – How to Make Good Use of Your Home’s Every Square Inch


Giving your garage back to its glory days is an exciting project. This may be so but not a lot of homeowners eventually delve into this especially when they have no immediate need for the extra space.

With time, you simply realize that the shed or the garage no longer has any good use. If this is the case in your home, then it’s time to repurpose that garage. There are many different functions for this added, usable space. If your car is parked elsewhere and it no longer sits in your garage, then it’s time to consider what to remodel this space into.

Storage Room

First, you can fill it up with storage shelves and units. It can also be transformed into a tool shed, one where you can also park the bike or a small motor boat.

As this space becomes a storage space, make sure that it will no longer be underutilized. To make sure of this, ask yourself what stuff will be stored there.

Will this room store sports equipment? Will it become a room for lockers or a storage for your extra groceries? Every bin and shelf must be labeled so that every member of the family will know where to store their stuff.

As the saying goes – out of sight, out of mind. Your garage may soon be lined with cabinets and lockers but make sure that they are not visible outdoors.

The storage units must also all be made from materials that can stand the test of time.

Guest House

Another way to repurpose this space is to have it turned into a guest house. This can also become a room that’s dedicated for those sleepovers. Your kids will surely be delighted with your decision to give them a place to stay with their friends. Just add ample beds or line up mattresses on the floor. Allow the kids to be the one to decorate the new room.

If adult guests are going to use this new guest room, then make sure what the codes are in your area before you make any major remodel.

Install wall insulation as many garages have little to zero insulation. Ask a contractor to do this job for you so that you’ve ascertained that you won’t be shivering during the coldest months.

A Space for the Elderly

The garage can still stay intact as it allows the car to move in and out. The storage loft can be turned into a living space, however. This is also referred to as a chauffer’s apartment. This can be a wonderful space for an elderly member of the family. It is private, large enough, and uncluttered.

If the elderly need a ramp for his or her wheelchair, then have it build according to code.

A Secluded Home Office

Offices from converted garages are spacious solutions. Instead of the usual garage roll-up door, you can now have a sliding glass door installed. Since you’ll be working there, you have to consider how to situate the windows. There must be ample natural light. If this isn’t possible, then at least install enough task lights.

Paint the walls with a fresh new color. The concrete flooring must also be dressed up with hardwood or other classier materials.

As soon as the walls, floor and ceilings are taken care of, then you can bring in the sturdy and ergonomic desk and office chairs. Have some bookshelves brought in so you can store files and books in there?


For all three suggestions, make sure that the plumbing and electrical systems are also set in place. Otherwise, you will have a cumbersome time in that repurposed garage.

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