What To Do When You Are Redesigning Your Home (Important Tips)


Have you been contemplating to redesign your home and give it a hot, new look? It is never feasible to buy a new house just because the interiors already look boring to you. Of course, with careful planning, your home’s renovation can veer you away from a burnt hole in your pocket.

How to redesign your home

Recently, there have been more and more interior designers in the market. You can hire a professional or if you are feeling creative, you can steer clear of expenses by doing it yourself.

Here are the most ideal tips for planning an interior design for your home.

Find the Areas That Will Be Renovated

Before you even sit down and begin planning, you need to know the extent of the renovation. Find out which areas need to be revamped, highlighted, or made more functional?

The next thing to know is how large the room (or rooms) really is. Is it spacious or compact? With the latter, you can easily adapt the elements that can create an illusion of spaciousness. You may use lights to keep away shadows as these tend to make rooms look smaller. Never fix lights on the ceiling area as this can make the ceiling appear lower than it really is. Find soft lights which you can use for the room.

Once you establish which rooms to improve, you can then assign a workable budget.

Assign a Budget for Interior Design

There are many factors that you need to consider once you redesign your home’s interiors. Knowing the areas that need renovation is just the first step. After this, the dollar amount that you allocate for the upcoming project will be dependent on your location, finish types, design details, and the quality of materials that you require.

Here is a simple checklist of the materials that you will probably use for each section in your home –

Floor: Carpet, tiles, wood, stained concrete slab or linoleum.

Wall: Wallpaper, paint, wainscoting, faux finish or wood panel.

Window treatments: Shades, blinds or curtains.

Lighting: Decorative, task, etc.

Furniture: Tables, chairs, cabinets, etc.

Tabletop:  Tabletop accessories or centerpieces

Fixtures: Display fixtures

Others that can be added to this list are kitchen equipment or sound systems.

This list should help you get started; never underestimate the cost of each material or furniture. Remember that the prices are based – most of the time – on quality. So, do not automatically buy that cheapest chair that you can find. Find a reasonably-priced piece and you get to enjoy it for years.

Plan the Color and Theme

Once you have a clear perspective on how to begin working, your next area of focus is to buy the materials and furniture pieces and adding elements of interest to your home’s about-to-be-changed interiors.

You would not want every object vying for the viewer’s attention so the choice is a huge painting or one dramatic piece of furniture – never a combination of both.

It is also vital to plan the colors of the room. First, consider its function and who would be using it. If you want to create a restful feeling inside the bedroom, then loud colors should be shunned there.

Remember that every color is linked to a certain feeling. The dark colors can make rooms look smaller while lighter ones can make rooms appear more spacious.

The living room and kitchen should be painted with warm colors while pastels should be used in the bedroom area.

The theme that you choose to complement the colors. It is also dependent on your personal taste and budget. Floral themes are quite popular these days. Make sure when you choose this theme, though, that you pair floral walls with plain rugs or carpets. Too many floral patterns is a disastrous thing to look at.

If you choose to use patterns, then you are inevitably adding drama to the room. Patterned wallpapers and rough textures can easily create astonishing effects. These patterns can surely give any home a new, modernized look.

Never be apprehensive when it comes to your home’s interior design. As soon as you get the hang of it, you can be more creative about putting your personal touch.

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