Reasons to Go Minimalist (Interior Design Link Roundup)


Minimalism is a way of taking a sabbatical – a more permanent one – from the chaotic world. This is having a lifestyle that is opposite the advertisements that you see on social media. People now live in a society where people tend to accumulate stuff. They earn material possessions and, in turn, these become distractions, clutter or even the cause of their debts.

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When you choose to become a minimalist, you basically throw the non-essentials and just focus on the things that you need. Less is definitely more when you are trying to reduce material possession.

The glaring benefits include not having to clean more stuff, hence, you also don’t feel stressed. These are benefits that can actually change your life.

When you declutter your drawers, cabinets, and other storage units, what you do is to create more space. The more that you throw or give away, the more spaces are emptied out. In the process, you feel less claustrophobic and you can figuratively breathe again.

Set up a room where the most important stuff that you own goes there. Find meaning in these limited things.

You Get to Pull the Anchor

Accumulating stuff can feel like a boat anchored to the sea floor. When things weigh you down, then you tend to feel afraid of losing these stuff.

Learn to let go of the things that you don’t really need; you will soon see that there are less or zero feelings of greed and obsession. You would also stop overworking.

When you become a minimalist, you also sign up on a life where you have more time to focus on your hobbies as well as your health. Where everyone seems to be saying that they don’t have enough time to do things, with you, it’s going to be the exact opposite.

You are Less Distracted

All the material possessions that used to surround you are mere distractions. You are trying to fill a void that – you think – money can fill. Yet money will not be able to buy you happiness. While it can provide comfort, it should not become an instrument of obsession.

The sole purpose of money is to just satisfy one’s needs but where comfort is satisfied repeatedly, it could easily turn to obsession so be careful with that.

You Feel Peace of Mind

If you haven’t felt peace of mind before, it’s because you have been stressed in owning material possessions. You also feel afraid of losing all these material things.

When you simplify your life and your surroundings, you lose the feeling of attachment to material things and you ultimately feel calm.

After the initial wave of peace, you will also feel a deeper sense of happiness. Minimalist living means you will now gravitate towards the things that truly matter. There is nothing but false promises in extra materials.

No More Fear of Failure

Have you ever met a Buddhist monk? Monks tend to have zero fear because they are ready to go any time since they have nothing to lose. Of course, you need to have shelter and furniture for you and your family but the extras only become clutter and distractions when you allow them to be.

Just be self-reliant, this is the whole point of living a minimalist life.

The Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalism in interior design means having an airy, open space. It is also a place where clutter does not exist.

When you are ready to live a minimalist lifestyle, then you can begin by shopping for open furniture. These are furniture pieces with open sides and have slender frameworks. The streamlined design allows light and air to freely pass through, thus, creating a sense of bigger space.

You also need lots of storage and complementing hues. All in all, your style should be simple yet still stylish.

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