Discover The Advantages of Buying a House with a Pool

Buying a House with Pool

Buying a House with Pool

Who hasn’t dreamed of living in a gorgeous house with a pool? For many, it is truly a dream, but for others who live in a suitable climate, it can be a reality. Pools require space, but there are many benefits to buying a house with a pool. Here are an extensive pro and con list of buying a house with a pool.



Naturally, buying a house with a pool makes exercise easy. Consider how often you may already go to the pool and how much easier it will be to visit your own pool when it suits you. Having your own pool will make you a stronger swimmer and allow kids or family members to improve their swimming skills in a safe, uncrowded environment.


If your family enjoys entertaining, a pool becomes a natural focal point for guests. From kid-centric pool parties to adults only cocktails by the poolside, people of every age naturally gravitate towards a pool. If you have children, with the proper supervision, a pool is a great place for summer parties or afternoons just lounging. Forget filling up your game room with gadgets and get kids outside in the fresh air!  It may even cut down on the cost of vacations, since you could look for places that don’t necessarily have a pool for activities.

Are you worried that you won’t get enough use out of your pool? Have you considered solar pool heating? In certain, mild climates, putting in solar pool heating will allow you to use the pool as often as you like and save you money in the long run. Traditional pool heaters can be expensive and loud, while solar pool heating works year round, simply from sunlight.


Being a germ freak isn’t a bad thing right now. With many pools closed due to COVID-19, having one in your backyard really makes sense. Additionally, you control how frequently it’s cleaned and what chemicals you’ll use, so you can make the best choices for you and your family’s health. No more swimming in public pools that may have pee in them!


Maintenance cost

The more you use a pool the more that you’ll spend to maintain it. If you live in a hot climate, then the water will evaporate faster, which in turn requires the water be topped up more frequently. An assortment of chemicals are required to maintain the necessary Ph levels, on top of frequent cleanings. Some people can clean their pools themselves, but others hire a professional to take care of cleanings. You also need to spend on heating if you want to use the pool on months when the weather may be cold. Winter-proofing your pool may also be an unexpected, but necessary cost, especially if you live somewhere where it snows or where the temperatures reach freezing.

Additionally, your housing insurance may be more expensive if you have a pool in your yard.  Speak to your insurance agent to see what can be done to lower the costs of your insurance if you buy a house with a pool, as some accident prevention methods can lower your overall costs.


It’s easy for children, the elderly, or even pets to fall into the pool while no one is watching. Safety is important so it is recommended that a pool have a fence surrounding the pool. Using a pool alarm, a pool cover, and keeping rescue equipment nearby can all help make the pool safer, but such costs do add up.

Low return on investment

Buying a house with a pool may make it difficult to sell your house in the future. Many people don’t want or need a pool, and the cost of filling it in may be prohibitive to certain buyers. Additionally, if you live in a cooler climate, potential buyers may see the pool as a waste of valuable yard space that could be used for other activities.

After mulling over the pros and cons of buying a house with a pool, ask yourself if you’ll be using it frequently? Will you have the time to enjoy it? Do you really need a pool? Having a pool to relax, relieve stress, teach your kids to swim, or host parties may be right for you if you enjoy those activities. Many view a house with a pool as an investment in their lifestyle and for the well-being and enjoyment of their family, but this decision is deeply personal and ultimately, only you can make the choice to buy a house with a pool or not.

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