Personalizing Your Home’s Front Door

What is the first and last feature in your home that your guests see once they pay you a visit? Your front door – more specifically its color – is the first, noticeable feature that every guest gets to notice. Since this is so, it is important to plan the design and the color of your front door. Personalizing your home’s front door means deviating from the classics such as red, black, even green.

Your home’s entrance should stand out, not just for curb appeal but also so the interior will look unique.

Fire engine red is the most welcoming color that a front door can ever be painted with. This bright, bold hue can look great in a blue, white or gray home. Try this color in a high-gloss finish to make it even more eye catching.

If you really have to use green, then find a lime green can of paint because it is an immediate showstopper. This color will not work for every single habitat but if you happen to have a gray, brown or black home, then you are welcome to use it.

Black may not be a stand-out color but it does command attention. This also looks great with just about any kind of color.

Your Introduction to the World

That front door is the home feature that shows to the world who you and your family are. In the same manner, this is also the feature that introduces the world outside.

Before you go out and buy gallons of paint, you might want to take note of the style of your front door first. Take note also of the siding, trim and the overall frame. Applying a vibrant shade can make any simple door look more chic. Choosing a casual color, on the other hand, can make any formal façade appear homier and more welcoming.

So, you have learned about red, green (more specifically lime green) and black as the casual colors that many homes already use. What other beautiful colors can you consider for your front door?

Yellow may be an unexpected color to use but it can definitely rejuvenate any tired-looking or dull façade. Bright marigold is a wise choice since it brightens up even the darkest days.

Indigo is also one of the more unique colors that you can use for your front door. This is the type of color that can change shades depending on the lighting that you have outdoors and indoors. It is totally dramatic because it can be dark and colorful at different moments. It can also be paired with white trim.

Going for orange is a bold move that you will never regret. If you think that you have made a statement with red or lime green, think again. Orange is one of the ultimate statement colors – it is a color that no one will be able to overlook. Combine this color with  dark charcoal backdrop and what you have accomplished is a pulsating color that will surely draw attention.

It’s Time to Paint

Your front door is an entrance and exit point so be sure to paint it last. This will allow the paint finish to remain undisturbed and be allowed to completely dry.

The least complex way to paint the front door is to do it while it is on its hinges. Be sure to use rubbing alcohol to clean the hinges. Mask them using two coats of rubber cement. Once finished, you can peel off this cement.

Begin painting the frame (casing) working from the bottom, to the header then down to the striker side. Painting a flat door should be started on the inside hinge then working all around the door. Paint in one direction by rolling and brushing.

Personalizing your home’s front door is different when it is paneled. Apply using a roller and brush technique. Paint each panel beginning from the upper left hand then working your way down. For horizontal member, paint from the top, down. Finish your work by painting the full height outer edge and stiles. Allow the paint to dry.

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