Perfect Painting & Remodeling: Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom


Whether you decide to remodel or build a new home from scratch, your decisions are always limited by the space you have available, especially when it comes to your bathroom. Depending on the structural changes you wish to make, as well as the water and sewerage connections, you need to ensure your decisions meet the needs of your family. The following lines contain some suggestions from Perfect Painting & Remodeling on how to remodel your bathroom the right way.

Ceramics Make the Difference

The bathroom should always look larger than it really is. There are ways in which a restricted bathroom can be turned into a space that gives a sense of comfort. It’s all about the color and texture of the materials you use during the painting or remodeling process. For example, tiles in warm colors give the feeling of an open space and are therefore recommended by most experts in the field, especially if your bathroom is small. On the other hand, dark tiles absorb more light and create a feeling of a limited space.

Tub vs Shower

Although it would be ideal to have both, even the best remodeling contractors like Perfect Painting & Remodeling cannot fit a tub and a shower in a small bathroom. In many cases, you will need to opt for a combination shower and tub or one of the two. This decision should be based on your individual needs. Some people don’t use the bath enough to make it an issue, while others have a strong need for a tub. There are trade-offs with all of the options. The experts at Perfect Painting & Remodeling will walk you through the pros and cons and ensure that you are equipped to make the best decision possible.

Use All the Space

Before remodeling your home or resorting to the services of a residential remodeling company like Perfect Painting & Remodeling, you should think about how to use all the space that you have available. For example, if you want to have a washing machine in the bathroom, take this into account when planning the remodel.

If you want to create more storage space in your bathroom, you should not overlook the space above the toilet. There are special objects of furniture that fit very well in that space and will provide you with extra storage space. Next, if your bathroom seems too monochrome and you want to give it a more vivid color, you can start by buying a colorful toilet lid. The advantage is that you can change it with another color as soon as you get bored with it, as opposed to re-painting your walls.  


There are multiple solutions when it comes to lightning in your bathroom, with different prices and technical characteristics. Whatever you choose, it’s good to know that incandescent bulbs provide a warmer light, closer to the natural one, while fluorescent bulbs provide a cooler white light. In terms of mirrors, a special bathroom needs a special mirror. Perfect Painting & Remodeling can go over the lighting and finishes in your bathroom to help you make the best decisions.

Don’t Forget About Ventilation

Due to high humidity, it is absolutely necessary to consider ventilation when planning painting and remodeling solutions for your home. This can be done simply and naturally through a large window, but that will come with an extra cost. Your contractor should help you with the various options for ventilation before completing your bathroom remodel.

Since the process of remodeling your home can be very stressful, proper planning and good communication with your remodeling contractor is essential. Learn as much as you can about the materials being used and keep a close eye on your budget. With a good action plan, you should be able to complete your bathroom remodel smoothly and effectively. 

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