Do you believe that pottery can give depth to a home? It has actually played a utilitarian as well as an artistic role throughout man’s history. In fact, many potteries have been found with ancient men and their habitats. From generation to generation, men bought, sold, and collected pottery and other earthenware.

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Pottery comes in many shapes and sizes. It is also an effective break from a dull décor. Whether potteries are displayed sparingly or in abundance, it has already taken its rightful place as a serious accessory.

Pottery Display Methods

One effective way to use pottery to decorate your home is to put some plants in them. You even end up injecting colors into the room.

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Though a basic décor, when you place a potted plant in an unexpected area, you end up having conversations about them. More so when you planted your greens inside glazed pots.

Pick the pots that are able to highlight the beauty of the plant rather than ones that would compete for attention. They must also have ample space for the soil and the roots of the plant. Ombre or speckled pottery should be dressy enough to beautify a vignette.

Just a reminder, if your pot does not come with a saucer, then be sure to place a cork coaster where the water could drain.

Another way to display pottery is to group them according to color. Having a modern home does not mean that you cannot have pottery as a decorative element.

Group like-colored pots and have them displayed in a white open shelf. These pieces should stand out because of their light-colored background.

There isn’t a need to own many earthenware just so you can make a dramatic statement. In fact, you can just have a few pieces but correctly grouping them or displaying them in the right shelf should make a huge difference.

Here’s another tip, if you want to keep your earthenware clean, then use a duster at least once each month. If your pottery isn’t fragile, then you can even wash each at least twice every year. Use warm, soapy water then air dry afterwards.

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Be artistic. Have the smaller pottery pieces anchored by the bigger ones. Mix colors and shapes but just make sure that your arrangement is not chaotic. Have a purposeful arrangement for your pottery pieces. Have them placed on top of credenzas, bookcases, or the top of your tables.

You can also stylize your pottery display by putting the taller pieces at the back (it’s like taking a photograph of tall and short people). Add a little volume at the center by concentrating the lovely pieces in the middle. Smaller pieces can be gap fillers which will effectively round out your vignette.

Since pottery and earthenware are often associated with traditional and rustic designs, you might be surprised that you can take these pieces for a spin.

Warm up any empty space in your home by displaying the pieces in a non-traditional manner. Have a bold backdrop showcase your porcelain pieces. Those unused space atop your cabinets can also be used as a home for your prized pottery.

Pottery vs. Ceramics

Telling the difference between pottery and ceramics lies on the type of finish. Clay containers are basically and technically pottery. Ceramics, on the other hand, are also made from clay but the only difference is that they are glazed. The clay in the latter is permanently altered after passing through extreme heat.

Porcelain is a strong, translucent ceramic that has been fired at low temperatures. Afterwards, it is glazed then fired all over again, this time, at a higher temperature.

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