There are different talks as to which is the better option when it comes to buying office furniture. Many recommend buying brand new pieces to beautify an office space but there are also those who believe that they can save more if they buy refurbished furniture instead.

The first thing that you need to do before you invest in a few pieces is to assess the office space and other factors such as its size, your office needs, the available budget, and the office schedule.

After assessing these things, you can decide to compromise on the materials and furniture style.

Pro Refurbished

There is now a lot of refurbished furniture sellers whether online or in brick and mortar shops. The movement of products such as this is so quick that many showrooms now rotate their products where there are newer selections every week. There are many options for cubicles, chairs, desks, workstations, and filing cabinets.

The major advantages of refurbished furniture are –

  • Its price. The price tag that is so low attracts a lot of furniture buyers. The sectors that are often pulled in are the non-profit businesses, small businesses, and offices that are running on a very tight budget.
  • Just like any other kind of furniture, refurbished pieces also lose their value. Used furniture is known to retain up to 75% of its value for about five years.
  • You can be considered an environmentalist the moment you sign up to become an owner of refurbished furniture. Buying used furniture helps your office reduce its carbon footprint as you eliminate waste from valuable resources. You are, in essence, saving good furniture that can still be used instead of buried deep in a landfill.
  • Buying used furniture can help you save on delivery time since you are purchasing directly from the warehouse.

The downside to this kind of furniture is that there could no longer be any warranties made available since you are buying used items. You also have to make do with the fewer options that are presented to you as compared to the choices that you have with new furniture. Expect to see some form of wear and tear with your furniture choice.

Pro New Furniture

New office furniture is most favorable for clients who want to choose from a wider array of stocks. This is also sought after by those who want to have their office furniture customized.

Apart from the incredible design selections on sofas, chairs, conference tables, desks, and others; you can also pick the pieces according to your preferred size, color and quantity. If your preferred piece is no longer in stock, then it can be easily ordered plus they all come with warranty.

New products always come with new warranty because they are still being carried inside stores. This means that if you want to get more of the furniture in the future, then they are still available. If you only need replacement parts, though, then the warranty is also valid for parts and repairs.

Contemporary furniture means buying state-of-the-art furniture pieces. If you want to establish a stellar reputation, then it is best to purchase new office furniture.

Here are some downsides to buying new office furniture –

  • They come in higher prices. Depending on your budget and size requirements, new office furniture may not be the most practical choice especially when you are buying furniture for just a small office space.
  • New furniture also loses its resale value
  • Some assembly may be required since brand new office furniture still comes in a box.

Delivery time can also be taxing since orders for the same piece may also have been placed by many other clients.

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