Never Go Wrong With Vinyl Flooring (Link Roundup)

Are you thinking of ways to beautify the flooring in your home? Have they been dull and boring for the longest time? While there are now a lot of flooring material options in the market, do not get confused. Just focus on vinyl flooring and you will never go wrong.

Vinyl is one of the finest flooring options in the country today. It has a long-lasting quality but it is also affordable. This is the best material to use especially when you are thinking of material for your kitchen and bathroom.

Vinyl is trending these days. Not only is it durable and affordable but it also offers a huge selection. There are different colors, designs and types (as well as prices) to choose from.

What Is Vinyl?

Vinyl is basically a polyvinyl chloride building material. Typically called PVC, it is made of engineered rather than original materials. It is often compared to linoleum although vinyl is a lot more durable.

Vinyl is now widely used in commercial areas such as shopping malls and offices. Residential areas have made good use of this material in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Flooring materials made of vinyl is composed of different amounts of the said material. These come in either composite or solid vinyl types. Solid types are made of vinyl pieces that are set in a vinyl base. Composite vinyl, on the other hand, comes with vinyl pieces that are embedded inside non-vinyl filler materials.

Solid vinyl is a lot more durable as it contains more quality vinyl components. All vinyl floors come with cushion backing with varied thickness. Unfortunately, the thicker this backing is, the easier it is for the floor to sustain dents. To solve this issue, just choose textured vinyl surface to hide the dents.

Vinyl Types

There are only two types of this kind of flooring. One is the printed vinyl while the other is the inlaid vinyl. Printed vinyl has a thin sheet of vinyl and a coating of printed paper. It is affordable but not that durable.

Inlaid vinyl is thicker and stronger but is also more expensive. Both vinyl types are available in the market in tile and sheet forms.

Vinyl can also be categorized as low-end or high-end. Low-end vinyl can be used for parts of your home that you want to have a new look in just a few months. High-end vinyl, on the other hand, is meant for rooms that need expensive flooring. If you want something that is close to hardwood in quality and appearance, then vinyl flooring should be your top choice.

Vinyl Advantages

Vinyl is less costly and is easy to maintain. It is moisture resistant and its quality makes it the best choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Heavy traffic areas would also do well to have this kind of flooring material.

Have you noticed some shopping centers and schools now sporting vinyl? Its underlay provides the ultimate comfort to the feet as it has added insulation.

Vinyl Disadvantages

A major drawback of the vinyl floor is that it cannot be polished or refinished. Over time, you can also expect it to lose its luster so you will be left with a dull-looking and worn-out flooring. It costs less, though, so you can just buy vinyl tiles at any time. If you thinking of redecorating your home, then it is a great idea to consider vinyl flooring instead of the usual carpet. Vinyl is economical as it also offers a more modern look. Just find the biggest commercial-grade vinyl sheets and lay them on top of any flooring surface. You can either do this as a DIY project or have a contractor finish it for you. Either way, you get the most popular flooring in all of America today.

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