Need Bathroom Shelf Ideas? Here Are 15 Best Ideas For your Bathroom

Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Many a time, space we often go after on a cleaning spree still somehow manages to turn into the house’s trashiest and most clogged corner within no time – Yes, we are speaking about the bathrooms here! That’s why, irrespective of your lavatory size, it makes sense to reserve a separate spot just to keep your towels, bathrobes, hygiene products besides surplus cleaning supplies. Be it a master bath, powder room, or your child’s washroom; you can keep everything in perfect order and under control with the amazing bathroom shelf ideas carrying ample variations in design, size, and features – to accommodate any kind of need.

Is your washroom a bit small? Fret not! Storage arrangements such as over-the-door and under-the-sink shelves can instantly infuse some order and character to even seemingly petite spaces.

However, before heading out to a hardware shop to address your greatest need: a robe storage counter/essential supply organizer, it is imperative to take a hard look at your restroom to see what might work and what not. Here are a few ideas that can greatly enhance your bath and bring about the much-needed order.

1- Above the Door Rack Shelf Ideas

above the door shelf

This one is quite an interesting and utilitarian arrangement for somewhat congested bathroom spaces. Utilize the area just above the top of your door to mount simple yet sophisticated glass shelves in different styles and dimensions. You can use the set-up for storing the fresh towels, robes, linen, and other essentials that won’t be required on a daily basis. Don’t forget to keep a step stool, though— a high placement would need some support to reach out.

2- Under the Sink Shelf Idea

under the sink shelf

A free-standing sink enables you to put the space available under it to best use. It certainly won’t hurt to install a beautiful shelf or a glass rack to place the towels, lotions, robes, body mists, and other such similar stuff — especially the ones that you wouldn’t mind exhibiting to everyone. From standard rectangular storage to a more futuristic bent glass styling, you have got plentiful options to choose from.

3- Floating Shelves

floating glass shelf

We believe that your indulgences in extravagance and elegance ought to be put on the show— Imagine something like a cabinet of herbal medicine, but a way classier and beautiful. 

Be it your exclusive range of mesmerizing perfumes, body mists, spa oils, or magic potion serums and enriching creams, put them all out on a rack of transparent floating shelves for everyone to see and admire. Go with the standard by choosing rectangular glass or bring in the element of surprise and uniqueness by going with stylish tinted bent shelves.

4- Over the Toilet Shelving

over the toilet shelf

You can even make use of the wall behind your commode to install shelves where you can place toilet papers, towels, and other essentials. With this easy to congregate étagère, you get to store all the stuff within your arm’s reach.

5- Ladder Shelving Ideas

ladder glass shelf

Think out of the box by mounting that old ladder on yours on the bathroom wall. Use its steps for hanging colorful metal or jute baskets, which can be used for storing the essentials such as toiletries or air fresheners. You can also mount a few live plant baskets in between to pull off a surreal effect.

6- Window Glass Cabinet

bathroom window cabinet

Window cabinets of glass and other materials offer the best storage choice, especially if you have got small inquisitive children at home. Nevertheless, closed doors may soon lead to disorder inside. Refrain from stocking up and secure delicate objects by hiding them behind a cabinet of old wood or glass.

7- Multi-tier Shelves

Used to cater for storage space and brighten up the room.

multi tier shelves

All good things are better in multiples, particularly when it comes to racks. Instead of opting for a gloomy or heavy design, two or three-tier shelves in glass or white panels won’t only take care of your storage issues but would help brighten up your room too.

8- Wall Shelf – For Decorative Display

Used to display decorative items.

decorative items on shelf

Empty walls offer the perfect space to mount a classy shelf to exhibit your bathroom essentials. You may opt for single or multiple rack installations in different patterns and styles using wall shelves ideas, depending upon your taste and requirements.

9- Hanging and Floating Shelves

Helps to create a perfect focal point for bathroom settings.

bathroom shelf setting

Your best haul deserves a lavish exhibition. And, Hanging and floating glass shelves are built just for that. Go for the clear glass options to help bring out the unique character of the whole arrangement, making it a perfect focal point of your washroom space.

10- Multi-Functional Shelves

Suitable for both congested as well as open space.

multi functional shelves

Multi-functional shelves are probably the most innovative lot. They can squeeze into even the most congested and unthinkable spaces and yet are able to serve their utilitarian purpose to the fullest. For starters, these can be mounted even on a shower rod, thus letting you place body washes, shampoos, and conditioners and other bathing essentials in your closest proximity.

11- Corner Shelves

Used to place perfumes and decorative pieces.

corner shelves

Corner spaces of your bathroom are somewhat unconventional areas that require innovation in order to put them to the best use – Triangular and quarter-circle shelves are specially designed to cater to such requirements. 

Quarter Circle Glass Shelf is made of high-quality tempered glass, comes in various sizes with 2 Small Peacock Chrome Finish Brackets. Similarly, Triangle Glass rack is another option that can be mounted to utilize the wall corner areas of your washroom.

Apart from the bath, these shelves can also be used in living rooms and other prominent spaces of your house for storage and display.

12- Shelves for Toiletries

Used for toilet items.

shelf for toilet items

As the name suggests, these are specially created shelving solutions to accommodate toilet papers and other toiletries. These racks are best installed near to the commode for easy accessibility.

13- Vanity Ideas

Used for some towel art for adding luxury bathroom design.

vanity item shelf

There are several vanity ideas to bring your bathroom shelves to life. For instance, you could use some towel art to create an alluring display counter. Or else, go with niche placement— something like organizing all perfumes together, or creating an aromatic oils rack corner, and so on.

14- Add Luminosity with LED Shelves

Best for bathroom to add luminosity and décor ideas.

led glass shelf

You can take your vanity shelving to another high by integrating LED lights. The arrangement is not only going to bring luminosity but will impart a surreal mystical charm to the whole bathroom space.

15- Curved and Bent Shelves Ideas

Used to place books, novels, and decorative pieces.

bent glass shelf

We have discussed a bit about curved and bent glass shelves earlier. They are sure to add a contemporary and futuristic touch to your bathroom space. Available in varying shapes and dimensions, you get to choose from the clear or tinted glass options.

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