Are you the laid back type, one who prefers his surroundings filled with ethnicity and colors? Add to these some solid, sturdy furniture and beautiful accessories and you’ve got yourself an elegant-looking yet relaxing Mexican interiors. With the colorful ambiance, Mexican homes can truly pep up anyone.

Mexican Interior Design

Before trying on the design concepts of Mexico, it is important to fill your senses with energy as this is what being Mexican is all about! The great news is, Mexican interior design concepts can be easy to achieve. Do not be afraid to get comfortable with the bold, fiesta-inspired colors – keep this in mind all throughout.

Prepping for the Concept

One of the significant ways to absorb a new interior design style is to research about it. If you have to, watch Mexican films, go and eat in Mexican restaurants, and go listen to feisty Mexican music.

Absorb as much as you can as you also begin to analyze the room that you will soon remodel. This is your chance to reassess your space allocation and what colors will work best in this part of your home.

The first action that you need to take is to prep the wall. Remember that this is the chief background – more like the biggest canvas – in the room. The Mexican walls can either be plain bright such as ochre or terracotta, even pink; or it can also be patterned. You can also paint the walls maroon, green, deep red or yellow. You can also use the two-color concept wherein you paint the first half with one bright color and then the bottom half with an equally bright yet complementary color. Use the stucco plaster or suede effect paint to achieve vibrant layering of colors. Doing these techniques should give your home an authentic Mexican look.

From the walls, look down to the floors and see what color it currently has. Find natural materials such as any natural hardwood flooring then do away with the neutral-colored carpet. Use woven rugs instead with the richest shades that you can find. You can also use limestone, clay tiles or ceramic tiles for your flooring.

Now, it is time to check the furniture. Again, see that the materials used are natural. Go rustic by using lots of wood like antique pine, pine, warm woods like walnut or cherry. Mexican style also incorporates a lot of dark iron hardware such as knobs, brackets and hinges.

With regard to choosing Mexican furniture, always remember that this nation was greatly influenced by the Mayan, Chinese and Spanish cultures which is why the furniture pieces are often straight-lined but with intricate ornaments on them.

As for the sofas and beds, find the largest ones that you can lay your hands on. Broad is acceptable with this design concept, quite similar to country style furniture. Use lots of colors on your furniture as well. Paint the edges with typical Mexican colors such as blue, orange and bright red.

For the center and side table tops, use ceramic tile inlays to brighten up their look.

Say no to wall-to-wall carpeting when building a Mexican-inspired interior. Use multi-colored cushions on your sofas and beds while going colorful on the fabrics such as your curtains. Use cotton material for your layered curtains. if you can have some folk art or geometric patterns painted onto them then that would be good.

Leather may also be used to give a ranch feel inside the home.

As to the accessories, buy lots of them. Place a multitude of framed family photographs, candles, and mirrors. Find metal accessories, even wrought iron. See if you can also invest in hand-woven wall hangings.

Place cultural items such as paintings, Mexican folk art, lots of geometric patterns, pottery, Mexican baskets, and traditional Mexican masks. Mexican interior design is vibrant yet relaxing and you are right to use this concept in your home. It can energize and entertain while bringing about romance for the dwellers.

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