Why Metallic Interiors Are Beautiful

There is no better season to bring out the metallic inspiration in your interiors than during the wintry days. It is during this season that metals create the most sizzling trends from copper accents to warm golds. Stainless steel and nickel applications are also hot these days. If you have been racking your brain for ways to incorporate these colorful metals inside your home, then here are some concepts that will help –

Coppery Shades and Warmth

Copper is always stunning whatever season it is used in. Its golden hue is best seen in autumn, though. The kitchen, being the heart of a home, is the first room that should be given coppery hues from hammered copper countertops or backsplash tiles. Copper is just the right aesthetic that will bring warmth into this part of your home.

Copper is also a welcome shade in your living room. Fireplaces must also be incorporated for any living space that makes use of this metallic hue. Copper sheets look great in living room renovations, for customized designs, ask a kitchen range hood welder for copper trim applications that may be incorporated in your home’s interiors. 

Golden Hues Are Extra Hot

Do you remember the 1980s when brass and gold were the hottest metallic hues? A large number of homes jumped to the trend during that time but then it gradually faded away. The great news is that this trend has now returned but on a more subtle hue. These days, furniture, wallpaper and ornamental cabinets make good use of brass and gold. Those who would want a glamorous living room or bedroom would do well to use golden hues on their wallpapers.

The Corrugated Metal Appeal

If your style gravitates towards the things that are natural or rustic, then you can make use of metallic finishes. But have you ever contemplated the use of corrugated metal? Sure it is not common, which is why that you must consider this metal all the more.

Recently, a lot of designers have embraced the concept of utilizing corrugated metals on walls, ceilings and even on the sides of cabinets. Those who are bold enough even use them as accent walls in bedrooms. Bachelors who want to have a more masculine bathroom can also make use of this material.

When was the last time you saw an architectural structure emphasized because of the use of corrugated metal? Using corrugated metal perfectly shows your love for re-purposed or recycled materials. While the appeal of employing this material as a finish is quite unique, your imagination is the only boundary as to the possibilities of forming curvilinear forms with this ribbed metal. A ceiling can be so much more dramatic with corrugated metal than with just plain concrete.

Nothing Beats Silver Metallic Finishes

Many kitchens, bath and living rooms look cool all because silver was used as a metallic finish. Do not think that silver is the only metal that is considered under this category. Use chrome, nickel, stainless steel and aluminum and you are still within the safe bounds of silver metallic style. Such silvery metals are durable and they come with beautiful reflective qualities.

Mirrored Furniture Is In

Glamour is all about the reemergence of mirrored furniture in the market. Hollywood Regency style reflects glamour to a T with its mirrored dressers, reflective furniture pieces and the boldest colors. Bring in these mirrored pieces into your home and your visitors will immediately notice the instant glam.

Metal as Ornaments

Metallic finishes can be seen in huge quantities throughout many homes. Do not forget to use ornamental metals, too. Wrought iron railings and banisters are in and so are cabinetry door pulls.

You will be surprised at how metal can complete the elegant and stylish look of your new home; and a greater news is, you will never go wrong with it.

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