Metal Furniture – No Longer Just Utilitarian (Link Roundup)


Back in the day, metal furniture pieces were considered utilitarian. But these units have gained popularity over the years because of their durability and the cleanability. Wood furniture will always be popular, of course, but there are also great reasons why metal furniture can be a feasible option for your home –

Metal Means Style

Manufacturers of metal furniture have worked hard over the years in order to create furniture units that are both functional and stylish. Natural colors that seem like wood as well as laminate drawer faces have transformed metal frames into a cross between sturdy metal and the efficient wood. These are aesthetically pleasing pieces that have converted homes from drab to fab.

Say Goodbye to Pest Management

While scientific evidence show that metal furniture are not a deterrence to bed bugs, still, it is a lot easier to clean when compared to wooden furniture. Metal also tolerates anti-pest chemicals better than your wooden furniture because of its less absorbent surface. The only way that bugs and other pests can nest in metal is when it has fold, bends and board areas but with proper inspection and consistent maintenance, you can have a pest-free furniture. 

Metal Harmonizes Well

Metal is easy to match with any color palette. While most metal furniture pieces are meant to mimic wooden units; metal, by itself, can make a great statement piece. In the right hands, it can even be used as a focal point in a home’s interiors.

Metal Spells Durability

What could be sturdier than this material in the market? Metal is able to tolerate the most extreme weather and social conditions which makes it a great addition to an environment that is meant for group living.

Metal beds and bunks are durable and easy to clean. With the right customization, it can even include underbed storage, chest of drawers or night stands. Metal finishes are also properly sealed so it is easy to care for them. They are also not prone to drink rings, punctures and the hazards of heavy use. If damaged, you can also choose from a lot of DIY patch kits in the market – a great news for homeowners who do not have a lot of time in their hands.

Metal Saves You Money

While metal furniture may have a higher price tag than some of their wood equivalents, they are expected to last for more than a decade, even double that. Many collections even come with warranties which will cover regular use for those ten years. While you may shell out a bigger money upfront, in the long run, you will realize the savings that metal furniture has given you. 

Metal Is Great for Feng Shui

Feng shui is a complex Chinese philosophy that is mingled with ancient culture and tradition. The Wu Xing theory explains that there are five phases in the structural cosmos. Each of these phases has associations with different elements of nature. A perfect home must have water, wood, earth, fire and metal elements. Most of the time, it is easy to add the first four elements but metal is often neglected; but with the advent of metal furniture designs, you are sure to complete all five phases.

Metal is also believed to radiate a greater quantity of chi so it would be great for you to use large pieces in your living room, bedroom and many other areas in your home.

Metal Furniture Makes a Magnificent Heirloom Piece

Since durability-wise, metal is a hundred-percent long-lasting; then you are guaranteed that you will be seeing your furniture for a very long time. Since this is so, your children and even your children’s children will surely appreciate it if you kept your metal furniture as heirloom pieces for them.

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