Featured furniture is the Port Panel KING Bed from the Harbor Springs Collection. Notice how it fits the ensemble like a glove? The wood flooring is the perfect home to this lovely piece.

There are many homeowners who seem to be split on their choice of hardwood flooring or carpeting. If you actually come to think of this, the choice only boils down to two things – first, how much budget you have allocated for the flooring project and, second, what really catches your fancy?

Many real estate agents and homeowners agree that hardwood is a preferred material especially on living areas such as the living room or the dining room. Hardwood is also seen to be easier to maintain and it has the potential to last for many years.

Those who are looking to selling their homes would also do well to present hardwood flooring because this actually improves the property’s value. While it does cost more than laminate flooring or even carpeting, it will eventually cost less because you get to save on maintenance expenses.

When it comes to the bedroom, though, homeowners seem to agree that carpeting does the trick. Carpeting is also a good alternative to people who would like to put their hardwood flooring dreams on hold at the moment due to budgeting constraints.

To the Hooker Furniture Bedroom Boheme Laurier King Panel Bed, the right setting is a beige carpet that complements the overall theme in the room.

Some also prefer carpeting in the bedroom because it is warmer and even softer on the feet. If you happen to live in a region where it gets very cold during the winter, then having anything that improves the warmth in a room is a welcome thing.

Here are other hardwood vs. carpeting comparisons –

A Nicer Look

Many homeowners prefer hardwood because it gives a richer and more formal look. If they consider using any carpets at all, they then just agree to use area rugs under their major pieces of furniture. A lot of homeowners also prefer to install hardwood flooring because it is much easier to clean and they tend to hold less germs. If you have kids and pets to take care of, then you know how cumbersome asthma or allergies could get.

It’s About Personal Taste, Too

What is interesting when budget is not the issue is that many homeowners prefer the flooring which they grew up in, more specifically in the bedroom. This is, after all, the material that they got used to so they tend to feel more comfortable with that material.

What makes this decision more interesting is when you look at a newly-married couple who is deciding on the flooring material that will be used. If one grew up in a carpeted home and the other with a hardwood floor, then tend to reason out and gently argue. More often than not, the wife ends up the winner.

What the Buyer Prefers

Sometimes, when a homeowner is putting up his home to the market and he’s about to remodel the flooring, it pays to know what sort of flooring is common in the neighborhood. Also, since it is difficult to predict whether the future buyer is a carpet or a hardwood flooring guy, then have the hardwood floor carpeted with moderately-priced carpeting. Should the buyer opt for hardwood flooring, at least you were able to show him or her the beauty of both options.

An Upgraded Look

If you live in an area where high end living is the norm, then consider upgrading the flooring to solid hardwood. Solid hardwood comes at a heftier price tag but the value that it gives to the property is priceless. Also, the price difference between engineered hardwood and solid hardwood isn’t that much so if budget is not an issue, then go for the more sure option.

Ask the real estate agent about the other homes in that area to get a good view of what’s hot and what’s not.

More often than not, it is best to invest in hardwood since they look better. A flooring contractor should be able to provide different options.

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