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If you are looking for professional electrical contractors for your upcoming home renovation, then it is wisest to look for them in your local area. This will help in cutting the cost of electrical service as you save money on call out charges and on gas. A project that requires days to finish also affects the overall cost.

In choosing a local electrical contractor, you can be confident that he will just be around to take care of your electrical tasks; also, if emergencies arise, you can be pretty confident that he will be around to carry out the task.

Local electrical contractors are likelier to care about their reputation because they are just within your area. They know that a simple word-of-mouth can either make or break them. You may also already have a few recommendations from your family or friends. Isn’t it that you have more confidence in those that were recommended to you by your loved ones than those that you just saw from an ad?

It is very easy to hire electrical contractors these days; just surf the Internet and you will have one in a few minutes. A lot of people assume that the names that they see online – since they are willing to advertise their services – are competent enough for the job. Experience teaches otherwise as this is not always the case. During these tough economic times, homeowners are sometimes willing to do anything just to save a buck.

So how do you glean the ones that you can consider for your home’s electrical project? 

Check These…

The license is required in most cities where construction and repair services need to be done. In fact, in some, electrical contractors are even required to insure their projects. There is a significant reason why residential buildings requiring electrical work should have proper licenses – each year, it is estimated that around 28,300 fires are spurred by the improper installation of electrical wiring systems. These fires also caused 360 deaths, a thousand injuries and the destructions of approximately $995 million worth of properties.

Obtaining a contractor’s license can be a difficult task. For instance, in the state of Kansas, you need to have at least 75% on the Standard Master Electricians exam in order to pass. This test has a hundred questions which are complex enough for the examinee to render four hours of his time.

In short, those who already possess a license know what they are doing. The license also guarantees that they have ample experience, training and knowledge in the installation of electrical wiring and other tasks in homes and businesses.

One of the requirements in obtaining an electrical contractor’s license is to have a General Liability insurance. Majority of jurisdictions ask for no less than $1,000,000 USD worth of coverage. Those who carry more offer more peace of mind than those who just stick with the minimum amount.

In addition to this type of insurance, ask also for the Workman’s Compensation insurance. This is, in essence, a business insurance for employees that work under electrical contractors. It is mandated by law and is a lot more than another overhead expense.  Here are some of the benefits of this type of insurance –

  • Part two coverage states that the contractor’s legal expenses are taken care of if an employee files an inappropriate claim on injuries and illnesses.
  • Employees are covered even when they are outside the state where the contractor’s office is located.
  • There is coverage for different types of illnesses and work-related injuries.
  • Funeral expense coverage and financial support for dependents.
  • Reimbursement on lost wages.

Reputation and portfolio are  also aspects that you need to consider as both prove that they have had successful projects in the past.

As soon as you have checked all four, pick up the phone and call any referred electrical contractor ASAP.

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