Is It Living Room Redecorating Time? (Home Décor Link Roundup)

Living Room Redecorating

The redecoration project needn’t be as drastic as altering a traditional style to a contemporary setup. Sometimes, it can be as simple as changing the dominant color in the living room. Featured furniture pieces are American Cherry’s Stafford Storage Cocktail table and the Cynthia Rowley Living Room Lucky Clover Accent Table.

Everyone needs a change of scenery now and then. This is especially true in homes that have been standing for decades. But this does not mean that newer homes can just go on and on with their current look because they, too, can do their decorative updates at any time.

So, whether you are opting for minor or major changes, would you like to know when the right time to do this project is?

There are a lot of factors that can go into the redecoration of a room. Whether there is going to be repainting, putting up a wallpaper, buying new furniture, and such, there is going to be a great deal of replacements so you have to prepare for this task.

Mattresses, for instance, need to be replaced every 8-10 years. If you’ve been sleeping in the same mattress for over a decade now, then you probably already feel the difference in the level of comfort when you sleep. This is the very reason why mattresses – every single one of them – come with delivered on dates. This is so you’ll know when to start shopping for a new one.

It’s All a Question of Timing

Have you ever wondered if there is a time-frame for when you should redesign or redecorate a living room? Most rooms need to be updated every three to four years or they would look outdated. A lot of homeowners, though, only redecorate twice in eight years and the renovation that some would even go as far as is the replacement of bedding and the dominant color in the room.

Know that eight years is a very long time and that you must not wait that long to update the look of your living room. This room is a room that is bustling with activity so you would want it to look fresh all the time. You will need less time when you have younger children at home. Your five year old son will not need those safety features anymore in eight years’ time.

Update Every 1-2 Years

Generally, interior designers recommend staying on top of the living room décor. The chief things that you need to consider is to repaint your walls every 12-24 months. A coat of paint or two might just be the only thing that your living room needs now so it can look fresh once more.

You may also assess, every few years, what furniture pieces need to be replaced or what items need to be revamped. You could invest in a lovely mirror which can become the focal point for year one and then on the next, you can add paintings on the walls.

There aren’t any rules set on stone so you can always design and redesign according to your needs.

Or Just Go Neutral

Even if eight years is already a long time for anyone to live with a particular design, there are those who want to live with just one look and don’t ever grow tired of it. If you’re one of the few who feels this way, then you can always just go for neutral pieces.

People love to redecorate their living rooms as their preferences and tastes evolve. But there are just those who prefer to have a classic look and don’t want to alter that look. If you love everything traditional then wooden pieces are your go-to pieces as are the colors beige, taupe, browns, and shades of white and black.

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