Living Room Lighting Fundamentals Strategies For Beginners

A lot of homeowners spend their energy and budget in choosing the right paint colors for their home’s walls or picking the best and most comfortable sofa there is. More often than not, they forget one of the crucial elements that can make their houses appear to be homes – this is living room lighting.

Living Room Lighting Fundamentals

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Lighting provides the finer aspects of interior design. It can give the right level of intimacy in a bedroom. But since we are looking at how lighting should be installed in one of the most active zones in your home, you have to know what sort of tone you need to have there.

The best living room lighting systems use different layers of light. These lighting layers work together towards the creation of a more attractive or a warmer and more welcoming space.

These days, you can even take advantage of the energy-efficient light bulbs. Such lighting solutions are now available for residential use.

Go online and try looking through different types of lighting fixtures. The newest options are the more interesting types. Now, lighting provides the magical ambience. There are many styles and colors to choose from but here are four strategies to make those bulbs and other fixtures work with your interior design –

Accent Living Room Lights

If you want to emphasize particular features of the living room such as textured walls or the fireplace, or even your favorite painting, then you should look for an accent light.

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Accent lighting comes as recessed lights, adjustable types that are directed towards visual interests, under-cabinet lights, display lights, and many more. All these add a visually pleasing brightness to your living room. In a way, you would want to draw attention to a particular architectural feature.

Accent lighting works by supplying five times more light. This must be focused on the piece de resistance that you would want to be noticed.

Ambient Living Room Lights

Think of stylish ceiling lights, chandeliers, and wall-mounted fixtures. Portable lamps can also provide a warm glow or a romantic ambiance in the living room. These lighting types are able to control glare while providing illumination. With them, your living room becomes more inviting and comfortable.

Ask any light designer and they’d tell you that ambient lighting is there to create a wondrous effect. It is supposed to illuminate a certain surface but it won’t show you where the light source is actually coming from.

This is the most-used kind of light to improve the quality of illumination in any room.

Decorative Living Room Lights

Adding sparkle to a room is as easy as adding table lamps, a chandelier or two, or some hanging pendants. Decorative lighting is there to add intimacy as well as coziness.

If you want to personalize your living room, then do it with decorative lighting. Compare this lighting approach to fashion where you add the jewel accessories to an already beautiful clothing.

Task Living Room Lights

Of course, there will always be a need for task lighting. This is the kind of lighting that you would use when you want to read a book, finish an office project or when you want to cook your family’s favorite meals in the kitchen.

In the living room, this is the light to use where the writing and reading take place. There is also the localized type where you position the table lamps right where the furniture is currently situated. These lamps provide illumination right beside your reading chair.

These aren’t the lights that are used all of the time, though. They are used only when you need to do a particular task, hence, its name, task lighting.

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