Lighting Techniques – Choose What’s Appropriate (Link Roundup)

When you are out to make an effective video marketing campaign for your company, there are many things that you need to consider. First, there’s the need to find a good video production company. Professionals, simply put, could do it better than amateurs – it’s best not to take chances. Other things that you need to remember may be minute but their effects in terms of quality can never be discounted.

Lighting Techniques – Choose What’s Appropriate

Your video lighting techniques will make a huge impact on your final image. You can use light to control the video’s mood. You can also use light to direct the attention of the viewer where you want it to be. The correct form of lighting can also highlight or de-emphasize certain elements within a frame. Adding texture and color to your video can also have a huge impact on the overall production. Would you want the actors to look angelic and beautiful? Then only the right lighting technique can give you that.

But how do you effectively use light to produce quality video? Video is no less than photography at 30 frames each second. This also comes complete with audio. While it is similar to photography, you will need more skills to produce the best videos.

In shooting videos, take note that you are writing with the use of light at 30 frames each second plus sound so you need to control its direction.

One of the first decisions that you have to make is to determine where you will place your key light. Also, find out what direction the natural light will be coming from so that you can use blocks or screens, depending on what you need.

Playing with light can bring about different effects and it can even help you imply different meanings. For instance, with the use of three-point lighting, the main light might be place directly off the side of your subject. This is what’s referred to as side lighting and it could cut the subject’s face into two parts. When using this technique, you could imply that the character is conflicted over something, or that he is torn between good and evil. This is also an effective technique in depicting a schizophrenic patient.

Another common use for side lighting is to reveal texture. Textured surfaces are more dramatic as the side lighting reveals the shadows.

Another lighting technique that you can use is back lighting. This is the right kind of light to reveal a lovely silhouette. If you let your subject stand directly in front of a light, then you will only see his or her form.

Three-point lighting, on the other hand, uses a small back light in separating the subject from his background. This will create a white line which will trace around the hair and shoulders. This is, again, a good way to separate the subject from his background.

Backlighting also makes smaller particles appear clearer on the video. When you want to shoot a rainy scene, then you have to do just this.

Front lighting is the least dramatic of the techniques as you hide all textures and shadows. Also referred to as glamour lighting, this can conceal imperfections.

So, which among these lighting techniques would you soon use for your company video?

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