Let’s Do Ombre (June 2018 Link Roundup)

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Have you seen how effectively some designers have used ombre on their color schemes? The shifting shades of this interesting element might just be what you need for a fresh new look for your home.

Ombre is hippie and the era of tie-dyes but it is more graduated than the regular tie-dye. This color has swept the interior design industry by storm in the past years. While you may think that hair and clothing is the last frontier for this color, well, think again. It would seem that ombre has more to offer in terms of interior design.

Ombre is that gradual lightening of the design element. In fashion, this could be the gradual addition of hair color. This is, in essence, a technique of shading. The ombre technique means having a darker color at the base as it becomes lighter when the color goes up.

Creating Your Ombre Home

Ombre can offer a striking contrast or it can be as subtle as you would want it to be. The application of ombre style in your home means you are ready to join the thousands of fans who have taken on this unique style.


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The most luxurious dark to light shades can create the needed drama in any room. Ombre style is now found almost everywhere – even on cakes and furniture.

Gradient furniture and décor are now beautifully displayed in many traditional and modern homes. Residents enjoy the versatility of these colors as they add visual appeal without even trying too hard.

You can also enjoy the beauty of ombre by having it on your textiles, walls, and other artistic decorative elements in your home. Each piece of furniture and decorative element in ombre can become the focal point.

Who wouldn’t take a double look at a lovely ombre vase or an ombre coffee table? If that ombre-haired woman made you turn or wish for the same hair color, then what more with these furnishings?

The ombre effect may be a trend right now but it could easily become a go-to style for more years to come. Gradient or degrade technique is now an option that you can use on wall décor.

Ombre walls are absolutely noticeable. Choose the right tone. Just be careful in its implementation since it requires the accuracy of an artist. The ombre effect on walls should be applied in such a way that the bottom colors are darker and the light colors visually increase as the height reaches higher and higher.

Ombre is also widely used in textile manufacturing. It does not take a lot these days to search for the right tone for your home whether you would need it in the living room or the bedroom. You can also choose from the wide array of materials that can effectively portray the beauty of ombre. Pick from cotton, organza, silk, and linen. There are many more to choose from.

Linens also now come in ombre. Since more textile manufacturers also know the latest trends in the fashion and interior design industries, they also keep up with the ombre linens. Find the most suitable ombre linen for your home.

As for the furniture making industry, they too, have found a way to use the beautiful effects of ombre. This technique is relevant in relation to the frameworks of the furniture pieces. There are now drawers and cupboards that show interesting ombre designs.

If you want to do this on your own white cabinets, you need to find a paint color that you love and gradually add white paint as you progress. You can easily achieve different tints as you keep mixing white in the process.

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