Learn the 6 Smart Ways of Buying a Home (Link Roundup)

Many home buyers go about and spend their time during an open house by merely looking at the house’s layout and checking the brands of the kitchen appliances that were installed. The smart buyers, on the other hand, know what the important things are and where to look for them.

The world offers many competitive markets and you could easily walk into an open house that’s upgraded, cleaned, and staged with the most stylish furniture pieces. Of course, a buyer’s tendency is to be impressed by the whole staged appeal as well as the amazing scents that welcome them there.

Just think of open houses as your first shot at a good date, though. This is your chance to look beyond the façade and figure out what is really worth investing in. Here are some tips on how you can make the most of your open house expedition –

Check for Offensive Odors

Do not focus your attention on that freshly-baked cupcakes or that potpourri scent emanating from the living room. The stronger the scents that you smell, it is probable that there are more offensive odors that need to be masked.

Remember that with too much going on in terms of scent, then there’s something lurking deep within that they need to mask with plug-ins, scented candles, and wax warmers.

To truly check, take a deep breath then look at the ceilings, walls, and the flooring. Look for signs of smoke, pet accidents or mildew.

Check the Tile Works

Always inspect the bathroom and kitchen tiles. A real estate investor knows where to look for probable tiling problems such as gaps or uneven tile work. Uneven tiles could also indicate a poorly done DIY project or various fixes that have already been done.

Remember, the more substandard tile works you see, the more potential problems you could eventually face.

Check the Foundation

Many houses present just hairline cracks so home buyers who are in cloud nine do not immediately see the problems. Visible cracks – no matter how small – signal issues on the foundation of the house. Look also for uneven floors, cracks above the door and window frames.

Try rolling a marble down the floor, you should be able to see if the floor if uneven by merely doing this.

Check for Potential Maintenance Issues

When you walk through a house, look for any signs that the previous owner could have neglected some routine maintenance jobs. Look for leaky faucets, faded paint or burned out light bulbs. These are signs that the seller did not take very good care of the house and that you could end up suffering for the neglect.

A responsible homeowner knows that he has to flush the water annually, clean the chimney, change filters each month, and inspect for any leaks all throughout the property. He should also regularly recaulk the windows and doors so that they remain in good working condition.

If There’s a Body of Water Nearby…

A body of water nearby could appear to be scenic at the moment but it might not be that when the waters come cascading down your home.

Weather is unpredictable and so it is best to look at the possibility of the house that you’re checking to be flood-prone. Insure against flood so that you won’t have to suffer financially should the damage bills come in.

Check for Mold

A surefire way of detecting mold growth is when you open that area under the sink and when you open the bathroom cabinets. Take a careful look at the water pipes as well as the drains. If you notice gray spots then these are indicative of mold issue that are just lurking beneath.

Check also the caulking of tubs and faucets.

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