Japanese Interior Design Characteristics (Link Roundup)

Are you one of those who are attracted to the clean lines and minimalistic qualities of Zen-inspired homes? The Zen-like qualities of materials, open floor plans and space, also the neutral color palettes can all be attributed to Eastern civilizations – Japanese in particular.

Bringing in some Japanese inspiration into your home can surely make heads turn.

Open-spaced Floor Planning

The Western civilization has embraced a furniture concept wherein the pieces are moved closer together. Westerners are also fond of putting in a lot of furniture and accessories into their homes. The Eastern civilization frowns at this concept.

Open-spaced floor plans keep walls to a bare minimum while bringing in majestic views that you can infuse into your home. Japanese interior design embraces the aspects of scenic views and nature. With the least amount of furniture pieces in a room, you can build an environment that will feel lighter and much less weighted down.

Fusion of Architecture and Natural Materials

Look for any Japanese-inspired home and you will immediately find timber-framed carpentry, iron, rocks, bamboo and lots of water! Consider bringing in these aspects into your home. Imagine these materials in your bathroom, kitchen and main living spaces.

Accent walls can be made from flagstone, your flooring can be covered with bamboo and you can use river rocks in your bathroom floor. Tatami traditional mats are pretty popular in Japan. These can be employed as an effective flooring system in your own home. Ask an interior designer about the standardized 6-mat or 8-mat arrangements.

The basic lines of any home can easily mimic Japanese aesthetics. Let your furniture choice revolve around materials that are sustainable and minimalistic. Instead of a bulky sofa, find a seating piece minus the massive upholstery.

Bringing In the Gardens

Japanese-inspired interiors must always be connected with nature. Whether this connection is visual or physical, you need to be able to open up a living space with the use of wall doors, sliding glass doors or butt-glazed glazing. Referred to as tategu in Japan, these sliding doors, shoji screens and windows will surely be a nice addition to your home.

Fountains, greeneries and rocks are most welcome indoors whether they are man-made or natural.

Keep in mind that Japanese interior design is all about becoming one with nature.

Japanese Décor and Gorgeous Backdrops

It’s time to bring in authentic décor pieces such as hanging scrolls, ikebana and bonsai. These pieces complement the bare, uncluttered lines in any Japanese style home. Shoji screens and the famous fusuma screens (made of traditional rice paper) can separate the rooms in your home. They automatically become gorgeous backdrops to your home’s interiors.

The tokonoma alcove can also be set up right inside your home. This is a spot where family treasures, artwork and the fireplace mantle are supposed to be displayed. You can also place the hanging scrolls, bonsai and ikebana here.

If you are a lover of antiquities, then this is the perfect time to throw in those Asian antiques that you bought from your travels. Add Japanese art, tansu (Japanese antique) and Japanese pottery and you’re all set.

Futon Beds for Restful Sleeps

The Japanese have a traditional bed system called the futon. This is made of the futon mattress and the kake-buton or its quilt-like cover. 

Less Is More

This is the motto for Japanese-inspired interiors and you have to abide by it if you want to achieve the clean and seamless rooms that Zen-like homes possess. Keep in mind that Japanese interior design focuses on nature, relaxing surfaces and low maintenance interiors.

Try these tips and you will see how simple it is to transform your home into a comfortable, clutter-free Eastern civilization paradise.

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