International Calling Made Simple With Business VoIP Solutions


Nowadays, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of calling cards or pay high distance rates to reach customer internationally.  Thanks to VoIP solutions for business, they made international calling easy and affordable.  But, do you know how VoIP international calling work? And how can it beneficial for both the business and customer? In this particular post, we discuss how the VoIP phone system, as well as virtual number; can help anyone to do business without any borders with a cheaper rate.

How VoIP make international calling simple for any business.

In the past, if you like to contact your customers worldwide then you need to use PBX technology (Private Branch Exchange) in whatever countries you wanted a target. In addition, international business would also have to deal with their vendors across the world.

With today`s best technology VoIP business solution, international calls are routed on the internet. It is very simple that, no matter where you are or your customers are located, a VoIP phone system can route your all the calls through the cloud and with affordable price. The VoIP phone system is hosted in the cloud so, you can manage your virtual numbers from anywhere in the world with proper internet connections.

With the use of a VoIP phone system, you and your employees are habituated with the process of dialing international calls. But, there are huge chances that your customers are not familiar with the service. So, how do you make it easy and beneficial for your international customers to call your business? The simple answer to this question is with international toll-free numbers. These numbers are actually virtual numbers, it means they are not calling on telephone line but, it will directly pass through the cloud like PBX cloud or a mobile or via the internet.

Top 5 VoIP Service Providers:

Ring Central:

Ring central is the world`s largest provider of global enterprise cloud communications and collaborations solutions. Ring central awarded rank #1 in the 2018 North American UCaaS scorecard. They provide the best cloud PBX solutions including artificial intelligence integration, faxing and video conferencing as well as application development.

Pros:  They have their network with infrastructure in the US, Asia, Canada, Europe, and Australia. New Artificial integrations. Ring central set up very deep features of VoIP and Business solution.

Cons:     The main disadvantage is their hardware will cost you extra. They missing some features found in competing solution. Several issues found at the time of testing.

Super call International:

Super call international provides free international calls from the UK to over 150 countries. They have their application on Google play store as well as on the App Store. They also offer the highest quality free calls to most of all the countries. Are you frequent overseas callers? If yes, then Super call international is best for you.

Pros: The main advantage of Super call International they provide free calls for countries like Saudi Arabia, China, and Pakistan. They also take care of your friends and family because they don`t always have Wi-Fi or smartphone to be able to call for free. That`s why their services are amazing for keeping touch with friends and family.

Cons: I think there is not any disadvantage of Super call international because it is cheaper services than all other calling services.


8×8 working for small and medium businesses as well as for large enterprise.  8×8 is trusted by more than 1 million business users worldwide. 8×8 cloud solutions facilitate businesses re-model their client and worker expertise. With one system of engagement for voice, video, collaboration and get in touch with a center and one system of intelligence on one technology platform, businesses will currently communicate quicker and smarter to exceed the speed of client expectations.

Pros: They have very friendly and flexible pricing. The system is capable to set up easily in mobile and desktop. They have so many features other than voice calls.

Cons: There is no open API with which to build your own app integrations.

Vonage Business solution:

Vonage Business cloud is Vonage’s large Voice-over-IP service that targets small to medium size businesses. Vonage is a very old leader in VoIP service for home but now they are working hard for Business as well. They also support new Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and Software Define Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) options too.

Pros:  They have better API integration than the previous version. Very impressive and administrative features and calling functionality. They also have an amazing application.

Cons: They have add-on features but at a very high cost. In their package, they don`t include conferencing.


If your business is looking to move your communications systems to the cloud, if you like to improve your customer experience with a new contact center than Mitel has the technologies that meet all the requirements including Customer experience, on-site strategies and migrate to the cloud.

Pros: The main advantage is they have built-in team collaboration, predictive contact search. They also have a great mobile app, comprehensive VoIP, calling, messaging, and video chat features.

Cons: If you are looking at the price then it will be high in the comparison of others.  

There are so many others who provide VoIP solutions but these are the best as my knowledge.

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