You have probably encountered dozens of articles discussing the questions that you need to ask an interior designer prior to hiring him. It can be very intimidating to have a total stranger walk into your home and then he would start telling you what to do about your home’s interiors. A lot of homeowners – including you – have common concerns and it is understandable to want to ask important questions before the design project is even started. But a huge part of knowing what to expect is to know general questions that these design professionals also ask. 

What kind of overall look would you want us to achieve in your home? 

Interior designers need to ask this question from the onset because this will be the basis for their work. If you did your research, you should be able to respond with terms such as Mediterranean, cottage, coastal, minimalist, traditional, contemporary or eclectic. These words can help the expert create a mental picture of his upcoming design.

What is the chief function of the space that we are going to design?

There is no one design that can be considered typical for all people. Everyone is unique and beauty is subjective. Bedrooms can be converted into walk-in closets or dining rooms into entertainment areas. Many families in the past have already implemented these ideas in their own homes.

A single room can even have multiple uses such as gaming, entertainment or social gathering. A home office can even accommodate evening guests. Dining tables can even be transformed into card tables in the evening for all those fun game nights ahead.

You need to tell the designer about what you really want for those rooms that he is about to design.

Would you be amenable to structural alterations?

It is important for the designer to ask this so that there won’t be any altercations regarding structural changes in the future. This could include moving doorways, adding windows, raising ceilings or enlarging rooms. Sometimes such changes can spell the difference between a winning house and an ugly place. 

Will you be using the room for social gatherings? How many people often visit you?

This information can have a profound effect on the size of the living or dining room as well as the number of seats that will be bought. The layout of the furniture as well as the traffic pattern will also depend on this basic information that you need to provide.

Can you tell me about your pet peeves?

You have to tell what colors irk you and what sorts of furniture you will never want inside your home. Just imagine the shocked look on your face if the designer goes baroque on the furniture when you actually wanted minimalism! 

What special needs do I need to know about?

There will always be special needs inside individual homes. These needs could include pets, number of children and whether they are still toddlers or are already teenagers. Handicapped family members must also be given special consideration. Even extended family members that stay with you during the holidays are special considerations that you need to deliberate on. 

What is your deadline?

This is a date that should be doable for you and the designer. Shortening the project’s time frame may mean that the designer will quickly select the materials that will be needed for the project. This could limit him from making special treatments such as construction improvements.

If you do not have a specific deadline, it is possible that the scope of the project will be increased and made to fit your financial situation in time.

How much is your budget?

This is the aspect that can directly affect the overall result. Take time to consider how much you can really spend and then get in touch with a reputable contractor.

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