Why Interior Design Isn’t Just for the Well-off (Link Roundup)

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Designing a home has its shares of challenges. This becomes doubly true with a precise budget that has been set for specific purposes. So, if design failures happen, what could be the budget-driven homeowner’s resort be?

If you would take a careful look at the communities that are built in the U.S., you would see line upon lines of homes that seem to be identical to each other. This is the reason why owners spend money just so they can be set apart from the rest. Their interiors become their projects just so they cannot be numbered as just another home in their community.

But, there is this unending notion that interior designers charge hefty price or that interior design is just for the affluent. Allow us to show you just how you can have dapper homes without going over budget –

Add Crown Molding

A house that does not feature a crown molding does tend to look average. This lack of detail that binds the walls to the ceiling creates an unfinished look that cheapens the hard work that was done to your home.

Apply crown molding to the walls so that your space would look richer and more luxurious. As you pick the crown molding, look for the ones that have a wide trim for heightened impact. Keep in mind that the wider the crown molding, the classier your house will look.

Fresh Paint

One of the toughest decisions to make when decorating your space is the color that you would use in the interiors. Just resorting or defaulting to white is easy. It is a dependable hue but if you want to have a little more sophistication to your style, then you have to learn to use other colors.

In fact, high pigment paints will lend just the right air of luxury or sophistication to any room in your home. Sticking to neutrals is best, though, if you want to rotate the accent colors every season.

Adding a lux finish is also easy with black. This dark hue could instantly provide an expensive look to your space. Just make sure that you tie the rest of the design elements to your chosen paint color.

Quality Window Treatments

The choices for window treatments are as numerous as the stars in the heavens. Don’t go for sheer, flimsy curtains or the unlined ones. These are the signs of a poorly-manufactured curtain. Instead, you should look for the thicker and shimmery varieties. Consider, though, your interior design before you shop for glimmering curtains or draperies.

A well-dressed window should have curtains with apt width and height. The longer the curtains, the more height you could add to the room. Hanging your curtains from the ceiling to the floor should make your home look expensive. Curtains, on the other hand, that hang just from the window look sparse.

Add those metallic rods and stylish valances and you’re done.

Throw Pillows Here and There

Throw pillows may be simple but they add a fabulous touch to a basic sofa, loveseat, or even a chunky couch. Try collecting a bunch of pillows then have them distributed in the right areas.

Your goal now is to make your space look luxurious. To achieve this, be sure to shop for no less than the 22-inch variety of throws. The larger the throw pillows, the more luxurious your setting would feel.

Stylish Lighting

Just like adding correct and stylish hardware, you should also make time to set up correct lighting. Without the right kind of light, you will not be able to establish the whole point of your interior design. You also won’t exude character, personality, and style.

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