Improve Your Shower Experience with Thermostatic Shower Valve

Thermostatic Shower Valve

Thermostatic Shower Valve

When it comes to comfort during the shower, the thermostatic shower valve can offer great peace of mind by constantly regulating the water temperature. That means you will receive consistent water temperature without any delay. Moreover, you can expect a better flow rate in comparison to standard pressure balancing water temperature control essential for considering spraying with different outputs.          

No matter what type of season or weather outside is, some people can’t live without refreshing early in the day or after a long day at work. Getting fresh in your bathroom twice a day not only keeps you fresh and energetic. But throughout the day it also drains half of your worries and tensions away. A clean body gives confidence and a sense of goodness. 

However, when it comes to having a perfect experience, most showering valves fall short of providing a good performance. And that’s fine, considering most of them are designed to fulfil a need, not provide a luxury. Sometimes, you need more than just a typical water sprinkler, and that’s where a such mixing valves comes into play.

What is Thermostatic Shower Valve

A thermostatic mixer valve is a type of mixer tap that provides a safe, hassle-free, and affordable. It is a way of establishing a comfortable and luxury conducive showering experience. With them you no longer need to worry about fluctuating temperatures. Not to mention, there’s no hassle of finding the perfect balance of water temperature. 

In addition to that these valve enables you to determine the right water temperature and set it while you are busy in the bathroom. Thanks to the temperature maintaining technique, you’d experience no drop in the water temperature or pressure when a toilet is flushed, or the basin tap is turned on. 

Thermostatic Shower Valve

Advantages of Thermostatic Showers

Installing a regulator-based mixer is a perfect way of upgrading your bathroom experience. These are easy to install. You can install these valves in all types of enclosures like cubicle, quadrant, square, and rectangular enclosure. Furthermore, it’s your choice to use them in enclosure or simple walk-in cubicles its totally up to your choice and need.  Here are the three main benefits you can achieve by doing so.


Thermostatic valve makes sure you enjoy the same temperature that you have set even if you turn it on or off. This means that if you want to take a call or turn off the stove while in the shower, you don’t need to keep the valve open to have the same temperature. Rather you can switch it off and save water in the meantime without worrying about losing the temperature when you come back. 


A lot of times, there is a risk of exposure to the hot water while in bathroom. This is because, with a typical setting, you cannot set the desired temperature the way you want. Even if you do, there is a risk that the temperature may rise or fall while the valve is open. This may lead to health risks like scalding. However, with a such controlled showers, there’s no risk of water temperature fluctuating. 


Although thermostat-based mixers may appear costly compared to regular mixer taps, they turn out to be more affordable in the longer run. The amount of money you save in terms of water and energy will overcome the initial costs of purchase and installation. 

Saving of Water

The waste of natural resources is a big concern for many people. Therefore, everyone should move towards making less use of this precious resource. A regulator used as shower controlling valve can help you with it. It comes with a perfect flow control lever that helps you control water. As a result, you can expect around 50% of the water in comparison standard pressure-based valve. The less use of water will also significantly reduce your water bills. You will see a huge difference in your bills at the end of the month. 

Higher Flow Rate 

These shower valves offer better and higher flow every time you use them. That means you can have a better experience while using it rather than other types. That makes many different flows control types possible to use. 

The only drawback of these valve is its higher costs. When we compare its initial setup costs, then we can realize it’s at least twice then the standard pressure balancing valve.  However, it proves to be affordable over time due to various benefits it can offer. In addition, that, the installation is bit complicated as well that requires a professional help. 

Final Thoughts  When it comes to a heating device for a bathroom, you have various options available for you. Among all, the thermostatic shower valve can be highly efficient due to the various benefits it can offer. We have listed all the advantages that you can expect from it. We have all types of bathroom fittings available at Royal Bathrooms UK.

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