I can strikingly recall the absolute originally supported post I accomplished for This Renegade Love back in 2018.

I’d just been publishing content to a blog for a half year, and was eager to such an extent that a brand was really able to pay me to discuss them. I terribly undercharged (in light of the fact that we all do when we’re beginning), and didn’t think to arrange in light of the fact that I was simply so excited by the chance and was alarmed that they’d adjust their perspectives in case I was everything except totally pleasing (sweet, sweet guileless little Lauren). The post took me ages to compose in light of the fact that I was so worried about satisfying the customer, utilizing a greater amount of their language than my own, then, at that point worried dafuq when it didn’t proceed just as my other substance. I immediately discovered that my perusers could detect when content was accomplished for the cash as opposed to made to profit them.

As more supported freedoms introduced themselves, I immediately discovered that I expected to make rules for myself and an interaction when it came to marked substance. Since chipping away at supported substance is HARD AF – it takes more idea, thought and is a delicate area. As a substance maker who brings in cash from brand organizations, you continually need to push the limit of satisfying the customer, and simultaneously, keeping up with the respectability of your image and regarding your local area. As I gained from that first experience, I made a decent attempt to satisfy the customer, which came at the expense of satisfying my local area.

In the event that you end up attempting to make supported posts, here are the six stages I go through to ensure I’m making marvelous marked substance that mirrors my image, meets the customer’s targets and (above all) regards my local area.


This is step number one for an explanation, and practically the main one – this is the place where you decide if the brand moving toward you is a decent match. Do you utilize the brand as of now? Is the item offering something your local area is accustomed to hearing you discuss? Do the brand’s fundamental beliefs reflect your own image esteems? Toward the day’s end, the substance of your supported post shouldn’t come as an amazement to your local area or leave them asking why you’re sharing – it should mix in consistently to your unique substance. A wellness YouTuber discussing KFC’s new chicken sandwich or a design blogger posting about cool medication… appears to be abnormal, correct? Looking at something you don’t really utilize or doesn’t mirror your image isn’t simply going to be really difficult to do, however it will wind up distancing your crowd – something contrary to what you need a supported post to do. It very well may be difficult to decrease a monstrous financial plan, however the compensation day is never worth taking a chance with your image’s standing or losing your local area.


Okay, so still up in the air the brand is ideal for your own image and local area, consider how the mission would best be imparted to your crowd. While a few brands have characterized terms (they explicitly need an Instagram post), many will give you a financial plan and ask what content you can offer for that sum or look to your understanding on what stage would turn out best for the mission. Consider how you can most truly recount the narrative of the brand and their contribution – is composing your solid suit, or do you fall off more authentic with video? Is a styled Instagram photograph best for sharing another cosmetics range, or would a YouTube instructional exercise recount a superior story? Would a Facebook Live with a bookkeeper be a superior method to draw locally in a talk about charge season than a blog entry Q and A? You know your crowd best, so if the customer is requesting something that you realize won’t resound, recommend an option with a greater result for them and that best advantages your local area.


You have the substance ask arranged, however before you sign on that specked line, ensure you know every one of the prerequisites of the association and key informing ahead of time. There’s not all that much (trust) than marking on for a mission, and after seven days having a customer present this load of assumptions that are significant warnings to you. At the point when an agreement is introduced to you for a mission, it’s not the last word – this is your chance to arrange and ensure the organization is lined up with your necessities just as the customer’s. In the event that something stands out as a warning (the customer needs you to utilize an extreme measure of hashtags, incorporate explicit and solidly composed phrasing from the brand, distribute three Insta posts in a single week, and so forth), voice your interests and arrange the details of the agreement. By the day’s end, you’re paying special mind to the wellbeing of your local area and individual brand.

Here are a couple of things you’ll need remembered for the agreement or explained by the brand prior to marking the dabbed line:

Which crusade hashtags to utilize

Regardless of whether bundling should be available in the photograph

Key directives for the mission

The legitimate name and spelling of the brand/item

Assuming they need a connection in your profile (where you can charge an extra expense)

Assuming they need restrictiveness from working with contenders and how long for (in which you can charge an extra expense)


Agreement marked, you’re authoritatively a brand accomplice – presently it’s an ideal opportunity to really make the substance. A decent supported post should feel natural and normal to your crowd, and when there’s an excessive amount of brand informing, it can fall off hardened and inauthentic. Also, THIS is the place where a many individuals stall out. We will in general zero in on fitting in all the informing the brand presents to us and afterward have no space for our character. All things considered, take a stab at taking a gander at the general mission level headed or one key message, and consider how this straightforwardly ties in to your image reason or your own life. Consider how that item tackles an issue that your perusers may have, or how it can advance their lives, utilizing accounts of how it’s done likewise for you. Whenever you’ve composed your story, then, at that point add the particular brand informing into it.

I generally feel that the best supported posts are the ones where individuals don’t have the foggiest idea about it’s supported until you get as far as possible and see that little #ad – that they’re so captivating and valid and have such a large amount YOU in it, that it simply mixes in consistently with the entirety of your other substance. Which prompts the subsequent stage…


Have you at any point seen those supported posts that appear as though they’ve been composed by the actual brand, packed with key informing and corporate talk? Wince. Your crowd needs to believe that your assessment of the brand/item you’re sharing is actually your own, which is the reason make the substance in your own voice.

To try not to seem like a robot, I as a rule envision how I would message a companion to inform them regarding something I love. Am I going to say ,”This is the most creative waterproof mascara available and I simply love the manner in which it takes my lashes to voluminous new lengths”? Presumably most certainly not ever. I’m bound to say, “Recall that time I hopped in the pool at your lone rangeress and arose resembling a frenzied raccoon? Haha – MORTIFYING. At long last tracked down a waterproof mascara by Smashbox that ACTUALLY works, so you bettah trust I’ll wash my lashes in everything summer. SO. Great.” The following time you sit to compose a supported post, get your telephone and profess to be messaging a companion about the item/administration – it’s a basic idea, however works on the off chance that you struggle infusing your character into marked substance.

Furthermore, in case you’re truly not solid with composing, consider how you can recount the story with your visuals. Rather than expounding on the mascara, share a previously, then after the fact picture to show the outcomes.


At last, an extraordinary supported post ought to consistently plan to energize interest from your local area in light of the fact that the solitary explanation you ought to do marked substance is to profit your perusers (NOT on the grounds that you need a check). Lead the post with an inquiry that gets them interested consistently, similar to “The number of you cry each time charge season moves around?” for a supported post about versatile bookkeeping, or “When was the last time you really partook in an exercise?” for marked substance for another rec center (finishing the post with an inquiry is additionally viable). The objective is to get them to proceed with the conversation of what you’re sharing, regardless of whether it’s their very own encounters or their considerations on the actual brand.

Furthermore, obviously, consistently be straightforward with your local area if the substance has been supported or is in association with a brand – there’s nothing more regrettable than losing your perusers’ trust by not unveiling the provisions of your substance.