How to Use the Barrel to Decorate Your Garden?

Barrel to Decorate Your Garden

Barrel to Decorate Your Garden

If you are a connoisseur of good wine, you must have an authentic and rustic wine barrel lying around somewhere in your house. Oak barrels usually have a large cylindrical shape and are traditionally used for storing whiskey, wine, or beer. There are many ways you can bring it to use as a decorative object, whether it is inside the house or outside in your garden.

Although the oak barrels look beautiful on their own, you can make small design changes to give them a new life. For some wooden barrel ideas, you can keep the casks intact. You can also deconstruct the barrels to create something completely new using their metal hoops and wooden staves.

There is no shortage of possibilities when it comes to wine barrel crafts ideas for the garden. You can include them in the form of flower/plant pots, or you can make them into a water feature in your garden. You can also fashion garden furniture out of the wine barrels. This is a great way to incorporate reclaimed wood in your décor, which can add to the rustic theme of your garden.

In this article, we will provide you with creative tips and barrel decorating ideas for using these wine barrels in a unique way.

Idea #1: Raised wooden barrel bed with plants

You can turn the old wooden barrels into half wine barrels for planting purposes. This can then be fixed atop a raised stand, which can be constructed using the other half of the barrel. Raised beds are great for planting different kinds of herbs, fruits, and vegetables as they create the optimal conditions for the growth of plants. Besides, these raised wooden barrel beds would also look quite beautiful and tidy in your garden.

Idea #2: Design a miniature garden inside the wooden barrel

If you want to add a touch of whimsy to your garden, you can recreate a miniature version of it inside a wooden barrel. For this, all you would have to do is cut the barrel in half lengthwise so that the widest part is available for the miniature barrel garden. Thereafter, you can fill the barrel with soil to create a mini garden on top of it. You can plant miniature flowers and plants and use small stones to create a pathway.

Idea #3: Plant flowers in the wooden barrels

If you are looking for wood barrel planter ideas, then there is no better way than to turn the whole barrel into a planter for different kinds of flowers in your garden. The color of the flowers makes a beautiful contrast against the rustic wooden exterior of the barrel. This can be a great addition to a house that already has a wooden façade. The wooden barrel planter will work great in accentuating the natural feeling of the garden.

Idea #4: Garden side tables using wine barrels

If you are planning to redecorate your garden, you do not need to buy new garden furniture. You can consider fashioning an elegant wine barrel garden side table from your old wooden barrels. This requires some level of specialization, so you may need to hire a woodworker to design this side table for you.

Idea #5: Creative tiered planter using wooden wine barrel

For more wine barrel planter ideas, you can add a creative twist to a regular wine barrel planter by cutting it in the form of tiers or levels. This will be a form of a vertical garden for different flowers and plants that cannot grow in the same pot. Each section of a tiered three-in-one planter is created on a different level.

Idea #6: Waterfall using a wooden barrel

Wooden barrels can also be used to create excellent water features for your garden. You can create a small pond section in a part of your garden, where two or three different sizes of wooden barrels (bottom half) can be stacked to create a cascading waterfall. The constant sound of falling water in the garden will create an unbelievable soothing effect.

Idea #7: Grow mint in half wine barrel

Using a wine barrel planter for growing mint is a great idea. By planting the mint in the wine barrel, you prevent it from invading all of your garden space. Besides, the mint sapling will also enjoy the extra space.

Idea #8: Wooden barrel outdoor firepit

You can also turn your old wooden barrel into a fire pit for the garden. This garden feature would be a great addition to enjoying the chilly winter evenings with family and friends. It can be easily created as a DIY project, or you can hire a trained worker to design one for you.

Idea #9: Use the wine barrels as a frame for the table

If you are planning on hosting a garden party or just want to add a table to your garden, you can use wine barrels for creating the base. This is the easiest way to incorporate some rustic charm into your garden. All you would have to do is place the wine barrels close together (in pairs of 2 or 4 depending on the tabletop size). Thereafter, you can fix the tabletop on it.

Idea #10: Wine barrel water well

You can create small water well in your garden by using wooden wine barrels. For this, all you would have to do is cut the barrel down the middle and attach a bamboo stalk to create Japanese-style water well. You can also add water lilies in the water well to give it a nice touch.


No matter how you incorporate wooden oak barrels in your home, whether as wine barrel home décor or as garden decoration, they are guaranteed to attract viewers’ attention. Since they will be kept out in the sun as garden décor, it is important to weatherproof the barrels too. This can be done with the help of matte finish clear lacquer. If you do not have a wine barrel of your own, you can find replicas of wine barrels in certain craft stores. You can then spruce up these replicas in the above-mentioned ways to make them your own. Happy decorating!

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