How to Repaint Your House and How Perfect Painting & Remodeling Can Help


Planning Beforehand

Before you even begin painting your house, plan out a vision of what you want the finished product to look like. Choose a complementing color scheme and determine what type of paint should be used. When planning, don’t forget to create a budget. You don’t want to buy paint that’s too expensive only to find out you ran out of money before finishing. Buying cheap paint could cost more in the long run if the color fades fast.

Aside from paint, remember you will need additional materials such as brushes, rollers, pans, tape, and measuring equipment. At Perfect Painting & Remodeling, we provide you with these materials as well as help you find a good quality paint that fits your budget. If color coordination is not your forte, the Perfect Painting & Remodeling team can help there too!

Prepping Your House

Painting your house doesn’t simply mean picking up a brush and getting started. There are many jobs to be done before the actual painting begins. In order to preserve your furniture, you should move all the furniture from the area to be painted. Before starting to paint, you should wash the walls, remove the wallpaper or any stains, then dry and sand.

Lay plastic down on the floor to catch paint drops or splatters. You should also use painter’s tape to tape the trim, window, and doorframes. Anything that you don’t want to paint over, such as doorknobs, handles, hinges, electrical outlets, smoke detectors and the like, should be removed. Perfect Painting & Remodeling is happy to care of all these things for you.

Getting to Work

Once you have finished all the prep work, you are finally ready to start painting. The first step when painting is priming the walls. A primer will help maximize the coverage of your paint and give the finished coat a uniform experience. Wait at least 24 hours to let the paint dry, then paint around the trim, corners, or anywhere you won’t be able to use a roller brush. After that, you can now use a roller brush to apply the next coat of paint.

When the walls are dry, paint the areas where the trim meets the wall. Choose what type of paint finish you want. A glossy paint is compatible with places like a bathroom or a kitchen because they are easy to clean. Flat paints are generally harder to clean and are better for room walls or ceilings. Our crew at Perfect Painting & Remodeling is made up of highly-skilled workers that will give the job a clean finish.

Cleaning Up

When you’re finished make sure to clean up and dispose of your materials properly. Check your local guidelines and procedures to learn how to properly dispose of your paint. In some areas, you can throw your paint in the trash if it is converted to solid waste. At Perfect Painting & Remodeling, we store your paint to use for touching up, and keep track of your paint color and type.

Most people think that repainting a house is simple, but painting a house requires a lot of planning and expertise. There are many things to consider, and if you are not aware of these things, you could waste a lot of time and resources. Perfect Painting & Remodeling can help you. At our company, we understand that there is extensive preparation needed to ensure the smooth flow of your project. Through a process of communication, we work with you to create the best possible painting experience for you.

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