Perfect painting and remodeling is not a task that you should be scared of; in fact, you should be excited about it, and do it while enjoying every bit of it. If you are interested in changing the paint in your home, business premises, or office, you should know that you can manage it by yourself. To avoid misfortune, you should make sure everything is set before you start; early preparation is an important phase in painting. If you want to do the painting personally, we would like to give you some guidelines for perfect painting and remodeling. But always keep in mind that we are here to assist you. If it reaches a point where you feel like you cannot go on with it, contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

Here are some steps to perfect painting and remodeling:

  • Make sure you have all the required tools with you, and decide on the paint you’re going to use. For example, you can decide to use high-gloss paint, which will give you an easy time when you are cleaning, and is also very durable. For perfect painting and remodeling, choose the color of the paint in accordance with what will blend in easily with your room, such as the the color of your seats. Choose a brush and a roller for the job; I would suggest the bigger, the better. You should not forget to purchase sandpaper and primer paint. A tip for when you are buying paint: if your wall has imperfections, flat paint would do much better, because using high-gloss paint will worsen the situation.
  • If the perfect painting and remodeling is for the interior–maybe the living room–make sure you remove the furniture and any other things that can cause obstruction. You can leave the heavy furniture at the center of the room, covered. The will help prevent the paint from smearing onto your furniture. Also, remember to cover other things like doorknobs, door and window frames, the floor and any other part you don’t want paint to get on. You can you tape to do this.
  • Start by washing the wall and making the wall smooth; this is where the sandpaper comes in handy. If your wall has cracks or holes, make sure you fill them and then smooth.
  • Pour some primer into a container; don’t pour so much that it will spill over when you dip the roller. Dip the roller into the primer, rolling it back and forth. This can be easier if you are using something like a tray. Before you run the roller on a section of the wall, make sure you remove the excess paint to prevent it from dripping all over. Always make sure the roller is evenly coated, and apply uniformly all over the wall until the whole wall is covered. A tip for this is to follow the instruction you find on the can about the drying time. This ensures the primer dries before paint is applied.
  • Now for the final part of perfect painting and remodeling, after the primer has dried, you can start painting your wall along the covered areas. Dip the brush into the paint to the depth of the bristles, and paint outward from the covered areas. After that, you can use your roller to paint in a “W” shape, where the lines are 3 feet apart. Don’t lift the roller; do this while filling the patches until the whole wall is covered. Remember to add paint as needed, until the whole wall is painted. You can now see that perfect painting and remodeling is not that hard after all!

Call Perfect Painting & Remodeling any time you need assistance with your painting project. We’re here to assist you!

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