How To Make Your Guest Room More Inviting

Guest Room

Guest Room

Now we can have guests and visitors around. It is time to get the guest room in shape and suitable for people to sleep in. This can sometimes be stressful as you don’t know where to start. For most people though, there is something special and enjoyable about setting up a guest room and encouraging you to make your guests feel at home and comfortable.

When you are setting up your guest room, think about what you would like to see in a hotel room and mimic that. If your budget doesn’t allow this, then we will go through some helpful tips on achieving a beautiful inviting guest room, your visitors won’t want to leave.

Provide A Comfortable Bed

If you are going to be getting the guest room sorted, then you are going to want to invest in a nice comfortable bed. You don’t want your guests to be sleeping on an old, saggy mattress as that is just embarrassing. If you can’t afford a new mattress, then you have a few different options. Firstly, you could look for a good quality second hand one from charity shops or on social media groups. The other alternative is to pick up an air bed, they fit on beds and are comfier than you would think.

Upgrade Your Bedding

It sounds obvious but clean bedding is the least you can do. To make your guests that extra bit comfortable, add some lux to the scene. You can do this by adding some soft furnishing to the bed such as a comfy mattress topper, new bed covers, throw pillows and maybe some extra blankets for if they get cold in the night. This shows that you have made some effort in making your guests welcome.

Make Some Room For Their Clothes

If your guests are staying for a couple of days, it’s not great rooting through your suitcase every time you need something. If you have the space, add some draws or a wardrobe where they can put their clothes in. If your budget doesn’t allow this, then at least clear some space so that they can hide their suitcase. This will help keep the room looking clean and uncluttered. 

Clear The Clutter

Nobody likes staying in a room full of clutter where you can’t put anything away so it’s essential to strip back to the basics. If you have clutter in the room or old clothes in the wardrobe then clean all of this out. Remember, less is more when you are setting up a guest room. Obviously keep the essentials such as a clock, a large mirror, a TV and possibly an alarm clock if they need it but anything that you wouldn’t see in a hotel room, get rid of it. 

Add A Seating Area

Most guests would like somewhere to sit and read a book rather than watch television so why not add a comfy upholstered chair where they can sit. It is worth adding a little table and lamp. Not everyone finds sitting on a bed comfy so this will help them to feel like they have a different option. 

Add Some Colour To Your Guest Room

If you are thinking about repainting, have a look at some colour schemes that you like. Just remember, keeping it neutral like white will allow you to add more colour through soft furnishings. Green is the colour of calmness and peace so this is a great colour to add to a guest room. You can also add colour through botanical wall art which will add some lux to the room whilst also making the room look larger. Co-ordinating your soft furnishing colours with the wall art will make the room look complete and uniform which creates a more relaxing environment for your guests. 

Provide Some Home Comforts

It’s always nice when you stay somewhere and they have some essential home comforts, it definitely helps to feel more comfortable. This can be as simple as having a hairdryer close by with a mirror. Providing stuff to write with is a nice touch but not essential. An iron and ironing board is also a nice touch as they may not feel comfortable asking you to use yours. It’s also great to add a coffee machine/ Kettle and tea bags with some capsules and sugar etc for the mornings as they might get up earlier than you, this also provides something for them to enjoy whilst in the sitting area. 

Help Your Guests With WiFi

There is nothing worse than going into a room and not knowing the wifi, to prevent your guests from waking you up for the password, why not already have this in their room. You could make it part of the furnishing by printing something out and putting it in a frame so it is easily visible for your guests whilst looking like it is part of the room.  

Give Your Guests Heating Options

One thing that your guests will really appreciate is an aircon/heating unit where your guests can warm themselves up or cool themselves down. Some people get very hot in bed so this is a great option for many people and they will thoroughly appreciate it. This just goes to show that the little things result in a very happy guest. Once you have followed these helpful tips, you will end up with a room that you want to sleep in yourself and a relaxing space where your guests can relax. You may need to get some muscle as they will not want to leave from such a lovely visit.

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