How To Make Delicious Spinach Banana Mango Green Smoothie

Spinach Banana Mango Green Smoothie
Spinach Banana Mango Green Smoothie
Written by Sethi

Smoothies are a great way to reduce food waste. Here is our favorite green smoothie recipe that we use to reduce food waste in our home.

About once or twice a week, I have a smoothie for breakfast. But not just any smoothie… THIS green smoothie. Most days, M makes a double serving of the smoothie in our Vitamix and shares it with me. If you knew me ten years ago, your jaw might be on the floor knowing I now eat green smoothies… regularly!

Up until a couple of months ago, I steered clear of green smoothies. I liked fruity smoothies, but the texture of adding spinach or other green items didn’t do much for me. I could discern that fibrous green veggie in any smoothie and it wasn’t up my alley. 

Then… we got a Vitamix, and my smoothie world took a turn for the better. While our old Magic Bullet and blender mix up the smoothie ingredients just fine, the Vitamix takes pulverizing produce to a whole new level. And it made all the difference in my breakfast smoothie habit. 

After getting our Vitamix, M made lots of green smoothies with everything from spinach to brussel sprouts. I let him relish in the goodness, passing on the green concoctions for myself. Then one day, I finally took the plunge and tried one that he said was pretty good. Despite including spinach and bananas (which I like on their own but not typically in smoothies), it was actually quite good!

I fell hard and fast for his fancy (and healthy!) green smoothie, and now I’m hooked. More often than not, I’m asking him to make the smoothie to start the day. I am capable of making it, but I’m not going to turn down his efforts if he’s willing to whirl it all together for me. 

So… now I’m believer in green smoothies (at least certain green smoothies). In addition to being a healthy start to my day, they are a great way to prevent food waste. So many fruits and veggies that are nearing their end of life are perfect when pulverized to drinkable perfection. 

I’d love to hear about your favorite green (or yellow or orange or…) fruit and veggie smoothie. Do you have a favorite recipe that always makes the grade? Share it in the comments. Now that I’m on the green smoothie bandwagon, I should probably branch out past this one favorite recipe. After all, variety is the spice of life. 

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