One of the most fun event themes we’ve seen as a jazz band performing in the Tampa Bay area is the Mardi Gras idea.   Just saying “Mardi Gras” conjures up a fun time and image.

Technically Mardi Gras is the celebration that happens on Tuesday before the religious observation of Lent.  It’s a time for revelry and indulgence prior to a period of fasting and religious reflection.  However, people celebrate the idea of Mardi Gras year-round.

To start, create invitations or announcements that reflect this theme.  The colors associated with Mardi Gras are gold, purple and green.  These colors represent justice, faith and power.  Include these colors in any promotional materials.  Add graphics of beads and masks and you’re on your way.

For the event you’ll need some New Orleans style jazz.  We’ve performed this style as a jazz band in the Tampa Bay area with bass, sax, keyboard and drums for events like this.  Vocals are a plus too.  Make sure that the bandleader has the correct styles and songs to fit the event motif.  You want rocking, upbeat, celebratory jazz.

During the event you can create fun games for people to “win” beads, give a prize for the best costume and create other types of group participation.

If you like, include New Orleans style cuisine for the total package.  With that, your guests will feel like they’re right on Bourbon Street having a great time!

Here’s a link to one of the many suppliers of masks, beads and other stuff to make your Mardi Gras event a real hit:

Integrate some or all of these tips to have a great Mardi Gras event!  
Roger Harrison
Harrison Jazz Ensemble
Tampa FL, Clearwater Fl,  St. Petersburg FL

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