How To Grab People’s Attention At Your Next Trade Show

How To Grab People's Attention At Your Next Trade Show

Trade shows are arguably significant contributors to any marketing strategy. If you’ve attended one, you already know how competitive it is to grab people’s attention in such exhibitions. There are approximately 9000 business expos platforms in the US alone, with over 1.4 million companies participants yearly. Interestingly, close to seven million people attend these shows. You have the opportunity to showcase your business or brand to millions of people. But you also have tough competition from other participants. So, it would be best if you stood to be successful in a trade show. Here are tips to help you attract attention at your trade show.

Use Interactive Displays and Demos

You can attract substantial traffic to your demos using displays relevant to your brand. Ensure the trade show displays are engaging, interactive, and informative enough to attract potential clients. Once a good number of people visit your booth, please find a way to keep them engaged while learning more about your business or brand. For instance, you can introduce a self-paced service or product demos showing how your products work or the benefits of your services. Displays are the best way because people love to see and hear simultaneously.

Through displays and demos, you can achieve two goals. Potential customers can learn by asking questions about your products and how they work before buying them. You’ll also create an engagement and interactive atmosphere for people allowing them to enjoy your show. For example, games and prize-giving competitions are attractive strategies to grab the attention of more and more people at your booth. It’s also the best way to let them have good memories of your brand.

Utilize Social Media

You can’t achieve in the online market without embracing social media in this digital world. A high percentage of the world population uses social media at least once daily. Consider using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tiktok, and other coal media platforms to create campaigns inviting audiences to your trade show. You can hire a social media or digital marketing strategist to help you do the job.

Ensure that your social media campaigns are rich with all information about the trade show, venue, dates, and what prospective clients should expect. Remember, your main goal is to attract people you can convert to actual clients. So your message should be specific and relevant. If you’re planning to host events, hold gift ceremonies or offer free coffee to those who attend your show, indicate it on your social media.

Offer Branded Giveaways or Swags to Visitors

We all love gifts and swags. If you want to attract an audience to your booth, consider giving away gifts branded with your brand logo and some product information. Ensure that your swags or gifts are attractive and of high quality. Don’t just pick any cheap items in the market that can destroy your brand reputation.

Quality giveaways show you can be trusted, building positive engagement and relationships with your prospects. Consequently, it boosts your brand awareness because you’ll get more referrals from those who have already visited your booth. Your company’s swag should be high-quality, exciting, helpful, and aligned with your business culture. For instance, if your brand is about green energy, ensure your swag is eco-friendly. Try to be as creative as possible to create attractive giveaways or gifts.

Choose Your Staff Carefully

Your brand ambassadors should be confident, intelligent, interactive, informed and disciplined. The first approach to prospective clients is crucial in opening up for a conversation. Your staffing requirement depends on your brand. For instance, if you’re promoting an alcoholic brand or beverages, you should work with youthful, vibrant, attractive and bubbly staff who can bring in the lifestyle and class of the brand. A technology business needs someone with knowledge and skills about how your products work and who can answer critical questions promptly.

Also, select the right outfit for your exhibition. Consider providing unique uniforms branded with your company logos. Above all, the dressing code should be a ‘dress to impress’ theme that complements your brand and culture. Thinks about your target prospects and ensures the dressing code can be attractive to them. Having the right staff will go a long way in promoting your brand reputation positively to your potential clients. Remember, a trade show is a suitable platform to teach people about your products, launch your new brands or services and share ideas while inspiring potential clients. So, you must attract the attention of many people to ensure you stand out from your competitors.

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