The initial step towards designing your home is to find out which style you are inclined to and how you can go about in creating a home according to your taste. The most successfully designed interiors are those with occupants, who are able to express their interests, personality, and individuality into the themes, hence, you need to define your style even before you call an interior designer.

Your family also plays a huge role in finding out the style that is most suitable for your home. Remember that you will be sharing your home with them so you have to agree on a style that you and your loved ones are all comfortable with.

There are people who were born with an inborn sense of style but there are also those who simply have to be told what to do, now which one are you? Here are some useful questions that can help you come up with your own style –

Where Do You Live?

The place where you built your home will have a huge effect on the style that you end up choosing. Do you live in the suburbs or in the city? Are you a homeowner in a village or town? It is important to answer this question so that you can blend in with the rest of the neighbors. Keep the community theme consistent or be unique but do not become an eye sore.

Does Your Home Have Ample Lighting?

Is your home excessively sunny, dark, or airy? A dark home needs to be lightened up with colors on walls, ceilings, and flooring. Choose bright-colored furniture and lots of mirrors.

If your home is overly sunny, then find out how to properly use curtains and blinds to control the amount of light that goes in. Choose from sheer to heavy curtains – the former allows more light to come into your home while the latter can completely eliminate natural lighting. Experiment with curtain styles such as retro, florals and solid colors. Have fun mixing and matching them.

Are You Willing to Play with Colors?

What are your favorite colors and which of these colors would you be able to live with for a lengthy period of time? Did you know that you can set the mood inside your home by simply painting the walls with particular colors?

White creates a feeling of peace and serenity in a room. But to eliminate the hospital-like feeling that white paint invokes, it is best to decorate wall edges with red or blue. White is most suitable for bathrooms and bedrooms. You can never be more minimalist than white.

Black, on the other hand, is often associated with darkness and gloom. But it can be bold choice for someone who wants to have a touch of style. In order to balance the boldness of black, you must use light-colored furniture. If you are not sure about this color yet, it is best to use it in small doses first.

Yellow evokes feelings of cheerfulness; blue is soothing and relaxing; brown hues can create feelings of security; green is calming while pink suggests tranquility.

What Is Your Status?

No, not your Facebook status – you need to find out how well you are doing financially. The rule is pretty simple; the style that you are going to use in your home is greatly affected by your financial capability.

Do you also entertain a lot? If you do, then you need the most elaborate treatments to prove your status in life. If your home is the backdrop for entertainment and lavish lifestyle, then you need to have the latest interior designs. Once you have answered all of these relevant questions, only then can you get in touch with interior design and discuss what you have in mind – the two of you are sure to work wonders.

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