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How To Find A Contractor For Home Renovations

Home Renovation Ideas

Top Home Renovation Ideas

Finding a trustworthy home renovation contractor for both large and small property improvements is difficult. As a homeowner, you’re concerned with more than just keeping projects on schedule and within budget. Additionally, you want a home contractor with a solid reputation, years of expertise, and knowledge of the type of property improvement you have in mind. If you need help finding a dependable house contractor for your upcoming project. 

According to Matt Ehrlichman, CEO, chairman, and founder of Porch Group, a software firm for the home improvement service market, “Every home improvement job is unique and requires a specialized approach from the proper contractor to be successful.”

To choose a reputable home contractor, Ehrlichman advises homeowners to have a well-defined plan, do detailed research, and employ a solid network for each project. After our deep study of different homes, we have shortlisted the top five key points. By considering these points, you can choose home contractors on your own, which are enlisted below. 

Do have a clear notion of what you’d like to rebuild your home before you start contacting professionals. Although it may seem obvious, some homeowners hire contractors and settle on a design only to ask for modifications or extra alterations once the building work has begun.

Ask them who did all the work and whether they are satisfied with the outcome. The finished product looks wonderful. Drive around your neighborhood and search for houses that have recently undergone renovations. When they are thrilled with the operation, most householders are eager to recommend certain contractors to others.

This frequently leads to the project going over budget, missing the established deadlines, or even coming to a complete halt. Always prepare ahead of time to avoid having to make adjustments midway through the process.

Finding reputable businesses to work with can be made easy by asking friends and family about their experiences with reputable home contractors. Consider using internet resources like Angie’s List and Checkbook to identify a trustworthy house contractor who will work for you and not just for the money if you’re new to the area or unclear of what your other options could be.

Consumer Reports claims that the most reliable online recommendation systems validate user testimonials. To get the most accurate information, be sure each reviewer has experience working with the house contractor you’re considering employing.

Asking for every contractor’s license and qualification will help you quickly reduce the size of your list. Depending on the project and where you live, your home renovation contractor may need to possess particular licenses or certificates. Contact your local government’s licensing section to find out the specific criteria for contractors as they differ by state.

Make sure everyone on your list has liability insurance in case they damage your house, in addition to verifying that contractors have the proper licenses and certifications to execute the task safely and lawfully. Worker’s compensation should also cover the contractor and any additional employees. Request a copy of their insurance policies and make sure they are current.

When starting work, it’s not unusual for a trustworthy operation. Honest home contractor to ask for a small deposit for a house toward their entire charge. The Home Advisor advises against paying the contractors more than 18% of the total cost of a major renovation before they start. It is against the law for a contractor in California to request or makes a down payment from a homeowner that is greater than 10% of the entire cost of the home improvement.

It doesn’t take long to come across horrific stories of clients who were displeased with a contractor’s work and ended up pursuing the contractor in court in an attempt to revive payment for an unfinished or substandard project.

Unfortunately, it’s rather simple for a small business to shut down whenever litigation appears to be imminent, just to reopen under a different name a few months later. When you hire a contractor who has been in operation for several years or even decades, the likelihood that this will happen to you lowers dramatically.

In so many circumstances, the contractor in charge of the operation makes or breaks the success of a home makeover. The home improvement specialist you employ will be tasked with putting together the tradespeople needed to make your vision a reality, so they must be experienced and trustworthy. 

A list of the top home renovation contractors has been put together because, as with most businesses, one size does not fit all. The three things listed below apply to every company featured: Its subcontractors are skilled professionals with the necessary credentials and insurance.

  1. Mr. Handyman
  2. Contractors, Inc
  3. Brill Flooring 
  4. Power Home Remodeling
  5. Belfor Property Restoration

Mr. Handyman

Due to its 190 franchising sites, Mr. Handyman can provide services in many U.S. cities (as well as some regions of Canada). The much more direct channel to customer care is one advantage of dealing with a local office, which played a significant role in this organization getting the best possible overall grade.

Regarding residential premises, indoor and outdoor services are offered in the fields of woodwork, electricity, repainting, construction, drainage, and maintenance. Call the Mr. Handyman office that is closest to you, which can be identified via the website’s map tool, or fill out an online form with details about your project to book a consultation.

Contractors, Inc

Multi-Family Contractors, Inc. is a seasoned company that specializes in remodeling multi-family homes. The company provides indoor and outdoor services, such as roofing, drywall, carpeting, and stonework. A dedicated project manager acts as a central point of responsibility to keep you informed as your refurbishment develops.

Despite its modest size, the preponderance of its offices are situated in the South and Midwest because emergency response is a key part of its business, which should have been on the minds of any management company. Contractors, Inc. provides a 24/7 response team for cases requiring quick care in addition to offering mold control and water, fire, and damage rehabilitation.

Brill Flooring 

Brill Flooring will help, inspire, and educate you while you create the architectural drawings for your home. They are offering brilliant flooring. Regardless of whether you choose modern or classic flooring for your house,

They provide a variety of lovely and reasonably priced floors, allowing you to design a floor that will look lovely to you and your family for many years to come. You can use their website, an online room visualizer, in your house to view how different floor designs look without having to visit their store. 

The majority of their business comes from clients who recommend and refer others to us. So, start by making a free in-home testing inquiry.

Power Home Remodeling

Power Home Remodel Restoration is the top choice for exterior projects since they specialize in replacing siding, roofing, windows, and doors. Despite the company’s limited scope, its current franchise locations serve over 10 significant American cities, including Chicago, Houston, and Boston. A free in-home estimate that is good for a full year is available upon request from potential clients.

Many of the materials Power Home Remodeling utilizes are energy-efficient and also give your home a facelift; examples include solar panels and insulated vinyl siding. Therefore, this organization is a good choice if you’re trying to save money on utilities. 

Belfor Property Restoration

Belfor Property Restoration, which works on both residential and commercial premises, narrowly edges out Contractors, Inc. in the disaster response classification. Additionally, its coverage area is much bigger. Belfor doesn’t provide services for home renovations, in contrast to the other contractors on this list. Instead, it is primarily concerned with rehabilitation and correction. 

Belfor, unlike other franchise companies, keeps ownership of its locations to maintain a high standard of quality and uniformity throughout the firm. Major crafts like carpentry, electrical, and sewage are frequently carried out by middlemen, even if some of the work is done by Belfor specialists who are certified in their subject areas.


To create our suggestions, we examined more than 35 home remodeling companies with multi-state coverage. We limited the list to businesses with at least 15 locations nationwide to make it more manageable. During the research phase, the following elements were assessed:

After taking these things on board from 35 home contractors, we have shortlisted these top five, but if you want more in-depth, then we can pick two from the top five. Mr. Handyman and Brill Flooring. 

Mr. Handyman has nearly 200 franchises from which you can get services easily. They have strong licensing and certification as well as experienced staff. So, people can rely on them easily and they should be as they are gracing with their experienced work. 
The best thing about Brill Flooring was that you could use their website, an online room visualizer, in your house to view how different floor designs look without having to visit their store. The majority of their business comes from clients who recommend and refer others to them.

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