How to Effectively and Efficiently Clean Restaurant’s Equipment

Clean Restaurants Equipment

Clean Restaurants Equipment

Running a restaurant is never easy. The preparations for both the kitchen and the service area can be very tedious. But still, restaurant workers should do all the meticulous work for the sake of the business’ success. Clients can be very particular when it comes to food that is why everything in the restaurant has to be perfect so that nothing would be said against the establishment.

Cleaning tasks in a food establishment, particularly with restaurant equipment, could actually be made simpler. For as long as all the cleaning materials are complete, everything can be done in just a flash. Below are some tips on how to clean restaurants equipment in the fastest yet most efficient way.

  1. Have all the chinaware, glassware and silverware piled up in accordance to their kind. Prepare a big basin for each kind filled with water and bleach. Let it rest for a while. This solution will help eliminate the presence of oil and other food particles easily, making the dishwashing task easy. Then, do the washing just like the regular dishwashing task. Rinse and then dry.
  2. As for restaurants equipment like food processors, slicers, mixers and blenders, you should first disassemble them. Then, soak the parts into a basin of water with bleach. Wash or scrub with soapy foam. After rinsing, air dry them. These equipments should be dried immediately because these will use the day after.
  3. Spray a special kind of cleaning solution into ovens, stoves and grills. For those restaurants equipments that has food stain in them, there is no need for you to scrub them away in a furious manner. You can simply spray the solution on it, let it rest for a while then scrub it off softly with the use of abrasive pad. Rinse then dry with a towel.
  4. One of the most important restaurants equipment is the griddles. First, loosen the dirt with grill brick then pour cold water to it and wipe it down. Remove all the unwanted particles of its surface with paper towel.
  5. As for the kitchen exhaust fans, you can have a professional clean it. Such restaurants equipment can be very dangerous especially for people who have no knowledge in cleaning them. Yes, it may cost the restaurant management additional money but with the guaranteed safety these service people could bring, the investment is just right.

Cleaning restaurants equipment is necessary and a must. Doing so will make the operation, especially in the kitchen part, smooth and easy. Cleaning them also would help lengthen its longevity and maintain its quality. Cleaning may be quite tough but knowing that you are using a well and thoroughly cleaned equipments while cooking will only make you confident that you are serving an absolutely bacteria free food. Your mind will be at ease and relax. Cleaning materials of these equipments may not be that expensive. In fact, you can use the common product being sold in the market these days. This is because what really matters is how often clean them.

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