How to Achieve a Perfect Painting and Remodeling Job for Your Walls


Painting your walls is the easiest way to give your home a fresh new look without spending a lot of money. However, while it looks like an effortless job, there are many mistakes that can be made which would compromise the quality of your renovation. An expert painting contractor such as Perfect Painting & Remodeling will teach you that there are a lot of tricks of the trade involved in achieving a flawless paint job for your walls.


The first thing many people usually rush through when painting a space is setting everything up well. Spending some time to clean and prepare your walls will ensure a better looking, longer lasting paint job. You should measure the square footage of all your walls plus the ceiling to calculate how much paint you will need, and you should double the number if you will be applying two coats of paint.

Then, to make sure you picked the right color, paint a swatch directly on the walls and see how it fits the space during the day and night. Alternatively, you can buy two or three sample-sized cans of paint and paint swatches of all of them on your wall to see which color looks best. Furthermore, to prepare your space for a perfect painting and remodeling, make sure you scrape and sand your walls to obtain a smooth finish. Then, thoroughly vacuum and clean the area to make sure that it is free of dust and grease.


To execute a perfect painting and remodeling job for your walls, you should also make sure to use high quality equipment. This includes a good brush, rollers, sandpaper, painter’s tape and premium paint. A larger roller will allow you to paint over a larger surface area in a smaller amount of time.

A small roller could be useful for painting frames and trim. A synthetic brush with an unfinished hardwood handle is great for water-based paints. Try to buy an angled one as well for hard to reach corners. Use low-tack blue painter’s tape and black sandpaper coated with silicon carbide for prepping your walls. Don’t skimp on prices for materials. Saving a few dollars on equipment will cost you many more in time.


Paying attention to details is the key to a perfect painting and remodeling of your walls. Depending on the current state of your walls, you can decide if you need to apply a layer of primer before the actual finish paint and how many coats of paint to apply.

You will definitely need to use a primer on new walls, or if you want to paint a light color over a dark one. Painting a color over a white wall will probably not require a layer of primer. Use painter’s tape to mask off your baseboards, or any edges that you want to remain sharp. If you will also be painting any wood trim on the walls, paint that first, let it dry and then apply painter’s tape before painting the walls. Make you to remove painter’s tape the same day you are done painting to avoid removing small pieces of dry paint along their edges. Paint the edges of a wall first and then roll the areas of wall near them soon after to ensure a smooth, uniform color.

Perfect Painting & Remodeling has years of experience with all the above mentioned techniques and many more, so call Perfect Painting & Remodeling and get started on renovating your house or apartment and making sure you get the job done right.

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