How much can you save while using Virtual office vs. Physical office


The final goal of any business is to generate more money while servicing to their customers to the very best ability also with low maintenance. The virtual office is the best option to save a thousand of dollars per year in office expanses. Rent a virtual office accomplishes this for many businesses by offering a physical office, Business address, shared office, meeting rooms and mail forwarding that adds a level of professionalism for any business.

After all, your office location says a lot to your customers about how much value you can offer. Setting up a virtual headquarters, you rent a prestigious location without higher expenses. The virtual office also includes the other thing like virtual assistance, receptionist to run your business very smoothly. The cost saving is hundreds of thousands of dollar per year and a thousand per month for some business. So, considering the cost benefits over the physical office you did not necessarily run a business successfully.

The cost of Virtual office vs. Physical office

Monthly Expenses:

The maintenance and utilities of any business per month including electricity, internet, water/sewage, software subscriptions and office supplies cost easily run into the thousands of dollars. A virtual office provides all the amenities of any normal office with just hundreds of dollars or even less to them.

If anyone owns a new physical office then you require to paying for all maintenance costs, electrical, plumbing, paint and appliances need for an office. The fear of damages from weather or from your employees so, if you count the costs of these entire things then it will be very high.


The physical office requires the presence of some employee, receptionist or security guard for welcoming the guests and direct them to where to go in the building. The cleaning staff is also requiring most of the offices.

The total estimate of the year including employee salary with their medical insurance, vacation pay, tax obligations and other benefits are around $70000/yr. A virtual office is complete with reception and it can start with the low hundreds per month, depending on your needs. The virtual office is managed for you so; no cleaning issue or other office expenses will be incurred.

Cheapest Serviced office providers in London starting with just £50 per month:

If you find on the internet about Co-working space in the UK than there are so many offices are listed but in London serviced offices is very expensive in London than anywhere in the UK. However, there are still some offices provide serviced office with affordable price with a great place to work.

Here, we have collected some of the best co-working spaces for you in London with less than £100 (plus VAT) per month. It is strange but true!

  1. Icon offices
  2. Regus Business lounges
  3. TMRW Hub

These are the offices provided serviced offices with the cheapest rate in London. Read below for what you will get from these offices in such cheapest rate.

 Icon offices:

The Icon offices located in Chadwell Heath. The price is £50 (plus VAT) per month. With this membership, you will get access to the serviced office between 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

An icon office is the cheapest working space on the list. They provide serviced office space including reception service, utility bills, parking facility, internet facility, and phone lines. This all are including in one month rent. They also offer personalized service which includes 30 independent offices to rent in different size and shape.

Icon offices located in an excellent location named Chadwell Health, The station of Chadwell Health is just 22 minutes from Liverpool Street in Central London.

Image credit: Icon offices

 Regus Business lounges:

Regus is located in multiple locations in London. The price is £84 (plus VAT) per month. With this membership, you will get access to unlimited drop-in facility in any of the Regus business lounge across the world.

Regus is world’s largest office providers, their business lounges are modern and stylish. The offices are looking completely professional. They provide their services in not just city centers and Business Park, but also in airports, railway stations, and service stations. Regus also provide printers, scanners and photocopiers for your practical needs.

Regus give secure high-speed internet facility with telephone lines as well as kitchen area with tea and coffee maker. Regus available in 3000 business centers across the world.

Image credit: Regus Business Lounge


TMRW is located in Croydon. The Price is £99 (plus VAT) per month. With this package, you will get access to your own dedicated desk in TMRW Hub`s co-working space.

TMRW Hub is situated in the Croydon the town in south London. It is away from the hustle and bustle of central London. TMRW is the most spacious co-working offices including 350 shared and private office desks. It does not matter whatever your company size, they always offer unique space. They also offer the best coffee and healthy homemade food. TMRW have “byte café” which is awarded as best independent café and best café to work from by local voters.

According to the TMRW team the entire management staff come from the tech industry so, they provide the best service to give advice to their customers or clients. Image credit: TMRW Hub

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